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category4 2009-05-05 21:08

Well Eric is retiring the GTO, so I feel bad for the guy he sells it to. Can you imagine what he's getting himself into?

Speed Trap Hunter 2009-05-05 23:31

A suggestion to consider for us
I hadn't actually watched the link that Scott posted until I get an unexpected message on my iPhone today from another STH member privately expressing concern.

While I don't believe this individual is actually participating on this site, Speed Trap Hunter, I do believe that could lead to some confusion since they (Fox News) referred to him as "Speed Trap Crasher."

I light of this and the potential challenges it may bring to our entire online community--either her or at rd.net--I think it is safe to suggest that we should all re-evaluate what we're doing here when we post our videos online to YouTube or via other social-media.

To be sure, I created this site as an alternative venue to rd.net to bring its own flavor to the online community, to act really as an educational bridge to help facilitate a mutual respect that comes from understanding potentially "competing interests."

With respect to Veil and my company's particular laser "countermeasure" designed for civilian use, it has never been my intention that our products be used, either in whole or in part, as a means to conduct oneself socially irresponsibly.

Rules and regulations (checks-and-balances) are there for a reason, to establish a certain "order" to things, a balance, if you will.

I believe the purpose of a radar detector (or in fact any "tool" called into service) is to simply provide its owner with sufficient awareness to enhance a driver's safe behavior on a public roadway that is subject to the "controls" put in place.

If would posit this nation--which I use as a my own self-induced "control" mechanism while I strive to drive safely:

If you are using a radar detector as a means to speed more, then I believe you are mis-using it.

If anything, a radar detector is one thing at its core, a tool to enhance (not replace) your situational awareness.

Perhaps going forward, any videos that anyone connected directly (as a participating member) show how these products can be used to enhance safety and not speed.

For example, with some of the latest videos that were posted to Speed Trap Hunter's Youtube channel were conducted "lawfully" in that I wasn't speeding.

I don't believe the lessons learned were any less than had I been "speeding."

A friend of mine, Craig Peterson, who is someone that I can to for getting some historical perspective on manned-traffic enforcement (of the past) and now automated forms, has on more than one occasion suggested that I use caution in the production of any videos that I personally may publish. I think he is correct, for our sakes. With our inherit freedoms-of-speech carries with it a burden to use our right(s) responsibly.

Perhaps that can be our own differentiator, "Speed Trap Hunter":

we're not speeders, but merely enthusiasts who share a collective passion for the driving experience and all the tools that we use that enhance our safe driving behaviors.

Guys, C4, how does that sound to you?

I would like to thank Scott and the STH member who PM'd me about it.

I hope this sufficiently address your concern(s) Scott.


jaminc 2009-05-06 00:24

Well stated
I appreciate the time you took to write this, STH. It is well thought out and respectfully written and I agree with it 100%. I respect the Law Enforcement community and the fact that they have a job to do as much as I respect our right to pursue a hobby in a responsible manner while enjoying the driving experience.

It is unfortunate that parties (a few) on both sides feel a need to push the envelope of what is and is not acceptable and thus creates an environment of distrust and antagonism. If they want to "clock" me then I will try to "block" them but I will not flaunt it in their faces.

Keep flying below the radar, guys.

Milecrusher 2009-05-07 06:41

Unfortunate actions like this are another "catalyst" for over zealous government officals to impose a ban on our hobbies. It also furthers law enforcements opinions that some people use their "hobbies" to flout law enforcement. We need to use our heads for something other than a hat rack.

Speed Trap Hunter 2009-05-07 08:07

That's why gentlemen I suggest we collectively consider what we're trying to accomplish in all of this.

I for one, love our nation and respect the rule-sets that have been established. While I may personally disagree with particular manifestations of the rule-sets, I respect them none-the-less.

The vision that I had intended for this site was to bring together a whole host of different perspectives, those of citizens, those of traffic enforcement, those of those of policy makers/formers to allow a genuine discussion on the subject of highway safety and attempting to achieve a healthy balance between (often) competing or seemingly conflicting ideals.

To that end, I while I appreciate everyone's contribution here to this point, that we share a mutual understanding that, yes at its core, it is a hobby.

We're not anarchists or those who believe in promoting socially irresponsible behavior. I respect the law enforcement community, they have a job to do that does serve our collective safety interests.

To the extent that videos are posted online from any of our members, I would simply request that you do it responsibility.

The freedoms/rights we have in our cherished nation do come with an obligation to active civilly obedient.

For example we have the right to free-speech, as manifested on forums and other online communities. But with that sacred right, we also have a responsibility (and obligation) to use that right in a civilly responsible way.

The right to free speech, doesn't extend to one who would yell "fire a movie theatre" if there were none.

Let's celebrate and responsibly enjoy our hobby, not contribute to creating a perception that we all lawless punks.

The battle of ideas are often "won" from the "middle" and not from the "extreme."

Please guys, lets find/define and then faithfully establish our "middle."


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