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Z32Turbo 2009-03-08 11:41

Best Veil and license plate cover/laser shield combo
Greetings. I am new to this forum. Anyways, I just purchased a can of Veil G4 formula and will be applying it in the near future. Overall, I am going to be going for the best combination of effectiveness here when I "paint up" shortly. Veil specifically says to use a clear plastic cover, and to apply it to the front and back. I'd like to use a smoked/grey one, as I feel it complements my cars colors the best. (Yet, I do not want to jeopardize the effectiveness of the product I just spent $100 on). My question is which of the following combinations do you feel would work the best?

1. Smoked color plate cover, covered front and back with Veil.
2. Clear plate cover, covered front and back with Veil.
3. Laser shield cover, covered front and back with Veil.
4. Smoked color plate, covered front and back with Veil AND lasershield
5. Clear plate cover, covered front and back with Veil AND lasershield

Ideally, I'd like to use a nice plastic smoked cover, covered with Veil. Please let me know what you think

TSi+WRX 2009-03-08 14:02

Hi Z32Turbo -

I can't stand-in for VEIL Guy, who will, undoubtedly, be here, shortly, to render his professional opinion. :rock:

But I'll give it to you how *I* see it. :)

In using a "smoked" cover, it should help bias the color of G4 more towards the gray part of the spectrum. As a single, thin, coat, G4 will appear more bluish. I don't know the color of your vehicle, so you're going to have to decide which better suits your overall aesthetics.

With a dual-coat, front (outside) and back (inside) of the cover, you may find that a "smoked" cover would effectively be too dark, particularly at night, if you do not supplement your rear-tag illumination with higher-wattage bulbs (or perhaps even the new-generation, "high output," LEDs).

Dual-coat, front (outside) and back (inside) of a clear cover would likely push the color of the G4 more towards the gray portion of the spectrum than blue, and it would again be up to you to determine what looks best.

The On-Track LaserShield has been shown to, itself, not only "diffuse" incident LIDAR, via its highly "stippled" outer surface (so yes, be careful, there is a "sidedness" to the LaserShield, and you should take care in installation to maximize benefits), but it has also been shown to attenuate IR-spectrum light. Thus, supplementing it with VEIL can effectively be compared to putting a trauma plate in a bullet-resistant vest - the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, and your protection is more than doubled. However, the LaserShield, in being "stippled," will also make your license plate look somewhat "hazy/fuzzy," and this, combined with either too much VEIL (i.e. VEIL front [outside] and back [inside]) or when combined with an overlying cover also dressed with VEIL may produce an effect that may garner you more enforcement attention than you'd otherwise want to elicit, based solely on plate visibility alone.....

My personal preference is to, first and foremost, simply avoid the enforcement stop.

In this being the ultimate goal, I simply don't want any of my countermeasures drawing any more attention than it has to.

With that criteria in-mind, I would, in your shoes do any of the following:

(a) LaserShield + one (outside) layer of VEIL - likely the most technically effective of the proposed solutions, but also the one most likely to attract enforcement attention due to slight visual "distortion" (that's an inaccurate word, and I do apologize, as I truly don't know how to say what I want to say....in-fact, there will not be any "distortion" to your plate, it'll simply appear "fuzzy") and the darker color

(b) smoked cover + one (outside) layer of VEIL - likely the most aesthetically pleasing, if you have a darker vehicle, either with graytones or in black, and it is also likely to be slightly more effective than (c), due to the slight cut-down on total light transmittance from the already "smoked" cover....however, this is also its greatest weakness, as the combined darkness may elicit enforcement attention


(c) clear cover + one (outside) layer of VEIL - likely the most aesthetically pleasing, if your vehicle is of bluish hue, and it will also be the least likely to elicit undue enforcement attention

By now, you must be questioning why I only advise for the outer layer of VEIL.

As per VEIL Guy's advice, it's the first layer of VEIL that does the most, in terms of performance, at the least trade-off for visual-light passage.

Subsequent layers, while adding to the overall capabilities, also takes a bigger toll on VISUAL light transmission - more important with lighting unit applications, yes, but this does have implications for covering one's license plate.....


Z32Turbo 2009-03-08 14:19

Hey thanks for the detailed response. I should have mentioned that my car is silver, and this will be for the front plate, which doesn't require illumination. The thing I'm not a fan of with lasershield is that it's not a nice solid plastic cover, but more of a "film". I feel that a solid plastic cover (smoked or clear) will provide a more aesthetically pleasing look. Here is a look at the front with the smoked plate I am referencing:


TSi+WRX 2009-03-08 16:46

Ah a fellow Buckeye. :)

I think you'll be fine, no matter what you decide to do to your front plate.

Here in Ohio, the State Troopers seem to be fairly relaxed on front plate enforcement, and your only worries would be with local townships' and their unique - but both highly variable as well as limited - enforcement attitudes.

If you're willing to try it, I think you could do the smoked-cover plus VEIL setup, and still be just fine, in all but the worst "anti-Import-Sport-Compact" areas.

And even if you do get popped for it, it's still just an equipment violation, and oftentimes, remediation by showing the Clerk of the Court or other selected municipal official that you've addressed the concern will get even such a violation dismissed.

If that doesn't do the trick - i.e. that you do get pulled-over/cited for the offense - I'd then try the clear cover plus VEIL setup, which should appear lighter. While a gray tone would definitely compliment your vehicle best, I think that a slight bluish hint at the tag (which already carries blue, with the standard Ohio Tri-Color), would not be too detrimental (but then again, I am biased towards blues ;) ).

Indeed, LaserShield is not a solid cover - even dressed with a "plate frame" edging, it still doesn't appear as "complete" as a typical plate cover.

BTW, if you are inclined, the CR8APL8 fiberglass replica plate for the standard Ohio Tri-Color is a decently close replica of the state issue. It's still not perfect, and yes, you'll still need a plate frame to fully disguise it (as it is not cut to-size quite properly), but trust me, you won't get any hassles for it, and it is a worthy consideration to address this point-weakness.

Z32Turbo 2009-03-08 17:50

Hmm I surprisingly have never thought of this. The OSHP website states that the front plate is required for public safety, crime prevension/criminal apprehension, and as a law enforcement investigatory tool. However, we all know it is there just so they can clock speed.


Originally Posted by TSi+WRX (Post 2999)
trust me, you won't get any hassles for it

Do you have any proof? I looked into it further - in Ohio this specifically violates ORC 4549.08, most notibly subpart A2.

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