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Veil Guy 2007-09-17 20:21

VeilGuy's Valentine One Review & Tribute
As most of you guys already know, I have been a fan of Valentine Research for a long time. Since I have not dedicated a review to the Valentine One as I have to both the Beltronics STi Driver and Escort Passport 9500i, I felt it long overdue to do a feature on the V1.

Valentine One Review & Tribute

I hope you find it informative.

Veil Guy :driver:

WaltBurkett 2007-09-18 16:05

Veil Guy,

Excellent article on the V1.

I have had many V1ís and am very happy with their performances. I currently have two, one on the bike and the other in the car. For me, the arrows are paramount to achieving the SA I desire when driving. I tried the 9500i for 30-days because I was very interested in incorporation of GPS but in the end went back to the V1 mainly for the arrows. (Minor issues with the 9500i were the uneven ramp up)

I would like to see small changes to the V1 and have made my thoughts known to Mike so maybe we will see changes in future models.

My recommendations were to make the side arrows yellow in order to show better distinction between the front and rear arrows.
I also wanted color differentiation between band LEDs so at a glance I could easily identify the threat. Although there is sound differentiation, sometimes the volume is turned down low or in the case of my bike when going very fast, it is hard to hear the difference between the tones. With the current LEDs stacked on top of each other it is hard to quickly assess the situation with just a passing glance.

All minor issues but valid and easily changed.

I also liked your reference to the 911. I do miss my Cab. But as I say to my girlfriend itís not a matter of if I will get another one, but when.


Veil Guy 2007-09-18 22:18


Agreed. There is no doubt that a driver's Situational Awareness is maximized with information uniquely provided by the V1's arrows.

Although I don't want to break the rules of the STH forum (with regard to linking to eBay), you may want to try this query on Google:

valentine one multi color led - Google Search

With respect to the signal ramp issue on the 9500i, we had pointed out that issue way back when we originally reviewed the Escort Passport 9500i on 29 JAN 07.

May I ask when did you experience the 9500i, sir?

While some may knock the V1 for its "age", I for one believe that the V1, like the Porsche 911, fine wine, and some women (pardon me ladies) only gets better with age! :flybye:

Post Card from the Road: Veil Guy visits his friends at Valentine Research

Veil Guy :driver:

WaltBurkett 2007-09-19 17:08

Hey Veil Guy,

I tried the 9500i about 5 months ago.

Another thing I always questioned was how big a diameter circle was put on the True lock filter. I asked Escort and could not get an answer. They also told me the non-linear rampup was by design. That's where they lost me as a customer.


Veil Guy 2007-09-20 09:46

Hi Walt,

I have given some considerable thought to your recent post and have formulated and idea that I would like to share with you.

Reading through your experience (and I am NOT speaking for Escort, only myself) this is what I believed actually happened.

My take is that you spoke to a "customer service" associate who did not fully understand the technical nature (or implications) of your question and came back to with a default answer that the issue of the non-linear signal-ramp was "by design."

I had a similar experience with Audi's customer service hot-line, where I had pointed out the problems of the Audi Q7's side-assist lane departure warning system setting off just about every radar detector in a 1000 foot radius.

A week later their answer was that it was by "design..." You've got to be kidding me right?

To make a long story long, I didn't accept this "default" answer from someone deeply entrenched at a low level in layers of management, so I went straight to the head of Audi, was able to get a hold of his office, communicated a positive message that was factual, and within an hour knew that he personally read my articles on the blog:

Within several days, I was contacted by executive management, who weren't even aware, of the issues I pointed out. This positive outreach on my part has the potential for fixing this nuisance of radar detector interference for every driver and radar detector and other automobile manufacturer who is considering or is in the process of adopting the same or similar technology.

Mission is almost accomplished. We still have more collective work to do, but at least it appears to be moving in the right direction for everyone's sake.

I feel good that my mature and positive contributions (as an individual who has a blog) could effect such a positive outcome...without the threat of class-action lawsuits, without embarrassing a company or companies...all on positive and factual information. At the end of the day, if I accomplish nothing else for this industry, I feel that I have positively contributed more than I have ever taken.

Tying all this back to Escort, I believe a similar thing has happened here. I think of both Escort and Beltronics like the "GM" of radar detector manufacturers. These large organizations (like the Pentagon) do not change on dime...it takes time. That's the way large organizations function (I know you already know this), sometimes (most times) they are inefficient.

I will attempt to circle back and get an informed position from Escort and will report back to you, sir. If you don't have a follow-up...let's just say, I believe it is not a design "feature" and Escort stands by their products (as well as all the other reputable manufacturers). Copy?

Please forgive my long-winded nature...but I've been trying to be a good wing-man and I've got your six. :flybye:

Veil Guy :driver:

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