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STH Member Private Marketplace/Exchange: For Sale, Want to Buy Forum exclusively for Speedtrap Hunter Members private sales and trades. NO COMMERCIAL LINKS PERMITTED! Users posting commercial messages will be banned.

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Default Guidelines: Read & Affirm Before Posting!


This forum is provided as a service to Speed Trap Hunter members. Its purpose is to allow members to buy/sell/trade items they own with other members. The rules, which have been fine-tuned over time, are designed to make the Marketplace serve its purpose efficiently.

The Marketplace is for individual-to-individual sales and are not to be used by or for any commercial business or to promote fundraising efforts.

Although items in the Marketplace are primarily speed trap-related, they are not limited to them.

Can't Start a Thread?

Before you can start a thread in the Marketplace forum, you need a minimum post count of 250 (or must be grandfathered by a Moderator/Site Admin), as displayed in your User Profile.

Posts in the Marketplace and certain other forums do not count toward this total. Details are in the Forum Rules. If you start a "for sale" thread or make other Marketplace-type posts in another forum to avoid the minimum post requirement, your thread/posts will be deleted.

This requirement is designed to limit those offering sales, purchases, or trades to members who have been around the forums enough to become known. Although new members may be perfectly responsible buyers or sellers, other members have few ways to confirm that at Speed Trap Hunter. The lack of a post history in the discussion forums has proven to be a detriment to dealmaking.

General Rules
  1. Forum rules. All regular Forum Rules apply to the Marketplace forum.
  2. Ownership. The Marketplace is for personal sales/trades of items owned by the members involved. You may not buy, sell, or trade on behalf of others.
  3. Commerce. The Marketplace is not for commercial business.
  4. Fundraising. The Marketplace may not be used for fundraising.
  5. Terms and Conditions. The Marketplace may not be used for transactions that bypass, or are intended to bypass, the Terms and Conditions of a product or service.
  6. Feedback. Speed Trap Hunter does not maintain its own feedback system. If you have feedback elsewhere, you can post a link to it (and mention the name you use at that site) as a way to convey your credentials to others. Site with feedback systems include ebay, HEATWARE, and Agora. Both parties to a successful transaction may post when the transaction is complete to give credit to the other.
  7. Disclaimer. Speed Trap Hunter does not and cannot evaluate sales, items, sellers, buyers, or prices. These rules are intended to maintain order and to assist, rather than impede, personal sales and trades among forum members, but cannot ensure that every offer is legitimate or fairly priced. Speed Trap Hunter is not responsible for the actions of forum members in carrying out the terms of sales, purchases, and trades.
  8. Common sense. Use common sense and be straightforward in your dealmaking. Observe the spirit, not just the letter, of these rules. When in doubt about a rule, ask a moderator.
  9. Rule violations. If you think a sale, buyer, seller, or other forum member is breaking these Marketplace Rules, please report this to a forum moderator.
Rules for Sellers
  1. Eligibility. To start a Marketplace thread, you must be a forum member with user title Regular or above, which means that you have 250 or more posts as displayed in your User Profile. This gives other members a chance to become familiar with you. To see your User Profile, click Quick Links -> My Profile at the top of a forum page.
  2. Sincerity. Offer to sell or trade only if you are serious about doing so.
  3. One thread. Create a single thread for a given item or set of items to be sold or traded together. Duplicate threads are not permitted.
  4. Thread title. Use a short description of the item(s) as the thread title. A typical thread title might be FS: Valentine 1 (v3.826). Your thread title does not need full system specs since you'll post details in the thread. If you are selling only in a particular country or geographic area, you might include that in the title, e.g., FS: Valentine 1 (v3.826) (USA) Commonly used abbreviations include:
    1. FS: (for sale) -- same as WTS: (want to sell)
    2. FT: (for trade) -- same as WTT: (want to trade)
    3. FS/T: (for sale or trade) -- same as WTS/T: (want to sale or trade)
    4. FA: (for auction)
    5. WTB: (want to buy)
  5. Description.
    1. Post full description(s) of the item(s). Even if you post a link to ebay or other sale/trade/auction site, you must include the description in your Marketplace thread so that potential buyers/traders can evaluate what you are offering by what you post in the forums. The Speed Trap Hunter Marketplace is not to be used simply for advertising your sales or offers elsewhere.
    2. Be clear what items are included or not included and what their condition is. Potential buyers/traders will respond better to factual descriptions (model numbers and specs) than to infomercial-style superlatives or posts in ALL CAPS.
  6. Price. If you don't post an asking price, that is likely to be the very first question, so include one from the start if at all possible. Ask for a price that you consider reasonable and will accept.
  7. Additional information. Members often ask for photos, your location, the reason you are selling/trading, methods of payment and shipping, and/or whether you have seller feedback from previous transactions. It may help you to anticipate these questions and provide the information up front, particularly if you are a lesser-known forum member.
  8. Posting. Post in your thread for any of these reasons. Otherwise, wait for responses and accept that you may or may not get them.
    1. to answer questions or respond to posts by others
    2. to announce when the sale/trade has been made or the items are no longer available (so that other members won't continue to post or contact you)
    3. to announce a nontrivial price change
    4. to announce other nontrivial changes in the items, availability, or offer
  9. Bumps. As in all threads, "bump" posts (those that simply bring your thread to the top of the New Posts list) are not permitted because they are unfair to other members' threads. This rule applies not only to posts that say "bump" but to those with the intent to bump, including trivial changes to the offer, "last chance" posts counting down the time remaining, or new threads started to sell the same items. Since all interested parties should have Private Messages enabled and be checking them (see next rule), there is no need to make posts saying "PM sent".
  10. Messages. Make sure that the Enable Private Messaging feature is checked in the Edit Options page of your User Control Panel. Watch for Private Messages, as well as posts in your thread, since potential buyers/traders may prefer to contact you privately rather than post in the thread. Enabling the Receive Email from Other Members feature in the Edit Options page of your User Control Panel is optional. If you enable it or post your e-mail address in the thread, watch for e-mail too. Plan to respond promptly, after no more than a day, to offers or after a deal is made. Make sure your Private Message mailbox isn't full. Answer questions posed in the thread by interested parties.
Rules for Buyers and Traders
  1. Interest. If you are interested in the sale/trade, you may ask questions or make an offer by posting or by contacting the seller privately through Private Message or e-mail (if enabled). If you have trouble contacting them or you don't hear back after more than a day, you can post in the thread to ask if they got your message (see Seller Rule: Messages above).
  2. Sincerity. Offer to buy or trade only if you are serious about doing so.
  3. Hijacking. If you have similar items for sale or trade, start your own thread. Do not post about your sale in someone else's thread.
  4. Offers. If you are an interested buyer/trader but don't like the price, make what you consider to be a reasonable offer or see the Non-interest Rule below.
  5. Non-interest. If you have no need for the items or don't like the price, items, payment method, or other terms, ignore the thread. Do not post negative remarks about the sale or seller based on their offer, or suggest to others that they buy other products or buy/trade at other sites. Do not post unsolicited price advice or comparisons of the offer with those from other sources. Do not try to derail somebody else's sale by posting in the thread. Let shoppers make their own decisions.
  6. If you sold your item please post that it was SOLD. It will be deleted. We will be deleting posts that are over 30 days old.
  7. This is not a place to advertise your e-bay listing or a "I am selling this to the highest bidder so I can get as much money as I can". If a person is looking to buy something on e-bay, they will search e-bay.
We are not saying you can not post an item for sale here with a price and also put it up for auction on e-bay, just no links or references to it here. The only exception will be items that have been on the forum for a while with little or no interest. A reference to where on the auction site the item can be found may be posted, but still no direct links to the auction itself.

So just for future reference, any initial posts with links, direct or indirect, to e-bay or other auction sites or posting of auction numbers, etc. will have the entire post deleted.
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