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Speeding Tickets & Traffic Citations Discussion of appropriate procedures and guidelines to successfully fighting speeding tickets and related traffic citations.

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Old 2010-06-13
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Originally Posted by BMW-Guy View Post
Dear all,

Wanted to share with you my first experience of being pulled over since investing in my 9500ix a few months ago.

There i was quietly cruising tonight along the I75 and bang, suddenly from nowhere I get a maximum strength ka band, i hit the brakes as fast as i could but it wasn't enough. To my left hiding in the grass dip between the two carriageways virtually invisible to me as it was dark is an LEO and sure enough out he pulls with the lights a flashing after me, damn it I'm thinking, I've spent all this money on a RD and its failed me.

He had me doing 16 over when in fact i was more like 19 over but maybe i shaved off a couple mph's with my brakes, not that it made much difference i guess. I was in the right hand lane of a 2 lane highway and there were other cars in front of me also in the slow lane but they were probably 500-1000 ft away and were going slower than me. I can only assume i was picked out with instant on by the LEO and the cars in front were not, otherwise i assume my RD would have alerted me? It normally has a good range on ka when their not using IO, so I'm real pi**ed off that I was pulled.

It's made me loose confidence in the RD so I guess what I'm asking for is a little advice from the experts?

Thanks very much


In defense to any detector for this one I/O laser, detectors pick up signals when on, so if we are the only one out (meaning the only vehicle going towards to the LEO) there and it comes on we have had it SOL, so as I am sure it has been mentioned if the LEO switches it on the vehicles in front of you that is, you have a better chance, also if they are trolling the hwy you pick them up as well better.

Sorry to hear it happened, I got caught on hwy 2 in Canada laser with my XTR690SE I don't blame this on my detector either, I think of the ones it has saved me from getting in the past.
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