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Veil Guy 2007-09-12 23:04

Welcome Craig Peterson
It is with great pleasure for me to welcome Craig Peterson of Radartest.

Craig has been extensively trained in police pursuit driving and dignitary protection, is an IPTM-certified police radar instructor, and holds the second-fastest elapsed time ever recorded in a Boston-San Diego cannonball race—a blistering 37 hours and 7 minutes over 3,216 miles.

Craig is an acknowledge expert in speed measuring technology, tactics, and countermeasures.

He is the author of Fast Driving (Without Tickets) and his next book, Driver's Guide to Police Radar is due out this fall.

Please give a warm and friendly Speed Trap Hunter welcome to our newest contributing member, Craig.

Veil Guy :driver:

Speed Trap Hunter 2007-09-13 07:51


It's a real privilege having your as a contributing member, you've probably forgotten more than I'll ever know about a number of areas of your expertise... :hmmmm2:

Your first book, Fast Driving (without Tickets) has been one of the most enjoyable and informative publications I have ever read on this subject. Too bad it's hard to find (I think it's already a vintage collectors' item!!!) I can't wait for your next book in your continued series of exploration of this and related subjects!

Congratulations on your next book, Craig. I can't wait to read and learn even more from it!

BTW, Craig, what was the winning time? And why did you come in second? :creep: :hmmmm2:

Cheers, mate. :tee:

PS: Thanks Veil Guy for making his productive contributions possible! I think this a first.:bath:


Blinder Dude 2007-09-13 09:31

Welcome aboard Craig,
Hey man glad to see you back in action.
I had a great time first meeting you at our last test.
I would say it's about time for another.
Blinder has some new stuff coming, I would like for you to give this new stuff the once over.
I will start my list of questions, give me some time I would like to pick your brain on a few subjects.

Blinder Dude

Frank 2007-09-13 10:35

Glad that you are a member of the forum.

Michael B 2007-09-13 11:42

Welcome Craig

I had no idea that you ran a cannonball event.
I am jealous!

I did not get a chance to read your original book although I hear it is highly regarded.

I will make sure to read your latest.

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