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HONORYOUROATH 2011-04-15 09:49

Lawtey and Waldo Florida speed traps exposed
Lawtey and Waldo Florida are world famous speed traps.So I went to these little looter/pirate towns and shot some video.My intention is to expose these speed traps to as many citizens as possible so they don't get looted by the pirates in these towns while traveling down 301 in Florida.Here are the videos.
YouTube - HONORYOUROATH's Channel

HONORYOUROATH 2011-04-15 09:50

Pirates/Looters on the loose...Hide your booty!

HONORYOUROATH 2011-04-16 08:43

These police don't like to be filmed.The first time the Lawtey police saw me filming them I was surrounded,detained,questioned,threatened with arrest,and they took my camera.The Waldo police tried to get me tress passed in an attempt to stop my filming.

HONORYOUROATH 2011-04-19 22:31

What gives....no comments,no opinions?
Come on what do you think?::hmpf:

Speed Trap Hunter 2011-04-20 12:51


Sheffield Village, OH can also lay that claim to fame.

It's funny these folks are now consistently using in-car video during pull-overs.

I believe that turnabout is fair play.


kevin6t9 2011-08-07 17:56

Protest Waldo FL
To the town of Waldo, FL. It is obvious that you and your law enforcement division profit from the speed traps across your city. Well, this is the last $244.00 you will ever see from me. From now on I will not longer purchase gas, food, or any merchandise from your town. You will no longer get monetary support from me.

If you want to protest the actions of this city then you must do the same. If you can avoid the town all together then do so. If the purpose is really to create safer roads than that wish will be granted.

If you must drive through the city go under the speed limit to cause congestion and purchase gas before going through town and do not stop to eat.

If the town can not survive economically then the town will fall apart and law enforcement will have to cut back. This is a protest to your town Waldo, FL.

Yes this is a speed trap. No time to just let off the gas and slow down. Speed limits seem to be placed in just the right turns and corners in order to set the trap. I drive like a grandpa to save gas and even when I was doing the speed limit I got ticketed for not slowing down in time for the speed change.

This is my Protest to the town of Waldo, FL. Good Luck!

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