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Old 2010-06-03
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Default Tanzania Road Speed Traps Limits

I am George A. Kahama Jnr, an avid driver wanting to keeping the officers with the speed guns honest.
I have on several occasions been flagged down by cops, and I can safely say during all trips on rural country roads I have been stopped and checked for speed in almost 60 % of those stops, by the Speed Gun totters from the road side brushes claiming over speeding. Due to this and other reasons have embarked onto finding, gauging their speeds as well as location for others whom would be unfairly charged Drivers on the trunk roads.
I have purchased 2 ESD 7400s ad one Whistler to help tag, and post location for other innocent drivers in these roads. I hope to update the thread with the help of other fellow RD owners during their travels across the country.
Below is the first tag.
KITUMBI/Segera-Chalinze Ks 14.37 HRS Hand Held May
DSM Selander X Comm 24HRS CB TX Jan-July
ST Peters X 12 HRS CB TX Feb-Aug
KABUKU Ks 15:03 Hand Held March

Fatal motor accidents are increasing in east African roads while the state authorities are probing hard for solutions to main causes, which are reckless driving and corruption in Traffic Police.

Motor accidents comes second to malaria and HIV/ AIDS as major human killers in the region. Tanzania has the highest road incidences in the region due to increasing car imports and improved roads compared only South Africa and Egypt.

Speed governor, a gadget that limits vehicle speeds has failed since the law amendments were passed on the Traffic Acts to impose the new technology as a compulsory engine component to all public transport vehicles. Kenya amended its Traffic Act in 1994 and Tanzania followed in1996. Uganda has yet to affect such a law but debates were hot in Kampala from mid 1990s due to an increasing number of road accidents.

Available official statistics shows that since 1997 motor accidents are increasing parallel with the number of casualties in Tanzania and Kenya. Most of dead victims were pedestrians, majority of them ignorant of traffic laws and driving. An average of 40 accidents occur daily and speed control for public transport vehicles to a maximum of 80 kilometers per hour was deemed as appropriate solution. In city roads are limited to 30 & 50 Kmph respectively, although most in city roads do not have speed signs.

According to recent research findings, Dar es Salaam roads are the most risky in Tanzania. Almost one-third (1/3) of In 1994, NIT studies revealed that the losses due to accidents are 20 times higher in Tanzania than in the United Kingdom.

“Our total accidents are 20 times higher than those of Sweden, a country with vehicles 20 times than ours,” says a report by NIT, the sole institute dedicated in transport training courses in eastern Africa. In 1996, NIT played a major role in convincing the Tanzanian legislatures to pass the Traffic Act Amendment in favor of speed limiters.

Since modern motor vehicles are made with high sped capabilities, and high speed is desired to shorten traveling time, then all sound minds are subject to a gross dilemma between choosing “safe” but time-consuming journeys and “dangerous” but short-time journeys.

In April 1984, the late Prime Minister of Tanzania, Edward Moringe Sokoine was killed in a road accident along the Morogoro to Dar es Salaam highway. The killer driver who hit the PM motorcade was driving under the influence of alcohol and was imprisoned.

In proposing application of speed governors, experts in the transport sector included other measures to go parallel with that technology. Streetlights and traffic signs were mentioned as necessary factors in limiting night accidents. Experts also proposed road hierarchy by classifying or grouping roads according to their uses. Not many of these proposals were adhered to or implemented accordingly. Today, the city of Dar es Salaam is synonymous with heavy traffic queues and jams during weekdays’ working hours.

road accidents in Tanzania are caused by six major factors. These are: bad roads; defective vehicles; speeding; weak law enforcement; bad driving; and ignorant pedestrians. Corruptible licensing system is mentioned as a sub factor under weak law enforcement while on road bribery and corruption is mentioned as a sub-factor under defective vehicles.
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