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Veil Guy 2008-02-06 02:22

Arizona Photo Enforcement: Expect $165M in Unconstitutional Taxes
A new kind of (un-constitutional) tax-and-spending politician: photo enforcement supporter.


Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano proposes upwards of $165M in un-constitutional Taxes, while flagrantly mis-representing the related

Like many cities and state throughout this great country that are feeling a bit of hard times, bloated government budgets are certainly feeling the squeeze as well.

Unfortunately for us citizens, local, city, and state governments may be eyeing a "quick fix" solution to their budget shortfalls (due to their propensity towards excessive/wasteful spending.)

And, you know where these tax-and-spend politicians are attempting to fill a good portion of these shorts-falls?

If you said, "my wallet," you'd be correct. Despite the double-speak coming out of the mouths of certain Governors, revenue generation from automated photo enforcement (ie; red light cameras, photo radar speed cameras) amounts to little more than another form of an un-constitutional tax, that will primarily penalize the very working men and women (ie; commuters) who go to and from work everyday to actually produce a living while contributing to the health and well being of our country's economy.

Too bad, wrong headed policies like these of Gov. Napolitano appear to be getting some traction. Arizonans need to wake up and take the wheel away from politicians supporting these revenue generating tactics.

In the meantime, we do have someone on the side of protecting and preserving our driving freedoms, and you've probably heard me before. Please consider becoming a member of the National Motorists Association. For a very modest membership due, you will reap its benefits many times over.

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