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tosh 2010-01-09 15:43

Hardeville, SC
All those passing thru South Carolina on Route 95 should be aware that the Hardeville police (a small town force that gets most of their revenue from speeders) have a huge force of patrolmen (and patrolwomen) who set up multi-car traps. They reside from the Georgia/South Carolina border up the first 15 miles or so. Since most people are passing thru either South or North, most people just pay the fine and go on.

Has anyone else experienced this? What countermeasures seem to work (radar detectors)? Is there anyway of fighting these tickets or this entire racket?

jayrod39 2010-05-14 20:23

also at a town at the 23 mile marker on the I 95 called Ridgeland, SC.. they will even let SC drivers go to get out of state ones I know cuz i was one.. the fine is 135.00 for cars and 650 for truckers they did use lidar... if you want to argue your ticket, the traffic judge refuses to see you except on the court date listed on our ticket... so watch out fellow drivers... NJ state court ruled against lidar because it has to be in daylite and no rain, more or less a nice sunny day

category4 2010-05-24 20:52

I think some little town in SC is installing speed cameras on 95 near the GA border.

category4 2010-05-25 19:04

Smile, Speeders: South Carolina Town Using I-95 Speed Cameras

blindbat 2010-07-24 12:03

also of note should be the entire cty of McIntosh; as the Sheriff's Dept ex ercises a trap through the construction zone( now in existance for well over a year) from the M/M of 40/70 on I95, even writing fellow law enforcement from out of state. Ga has also just passed and instituited multi stages of speeding fines far beyond the working mans capibitities. Usually having 4 to 6 cars stretched out lying in wait. More pronounced since the budget cuts most municipalities experienced with the economic turndown.

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