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  28. Repeal of radar detector ban advancing in Virginia House
  29. Tanzania Road Speed Traps Limits
  30. Jason Reynolds here looking for feedback on an iPhone Radar Detector app Project.
  31. 'Spy' camera police 'treated people like idiots'
  32. Research proves red light camcorders decrease traffic deaths
  33. Posting Problems
  34. Lawtey and Waldo Florida speed traps exposed
  35. Video, Hampton Florida Speed Trap Exposed!
  36. Video Waldo Fl 8 speed limit changes over just 2 and a half miles
  37. Operation Booty Saver-Lawtey Speed Trap Denied
  38. Better Than A Cop (copblocking-special speed trap edition)
  39. Beating Lidar in court
  40. Binoculars