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  1. Best of the Best 08
  2. Australia: Second Toll Tunnel Faces Financial Collapse
  3. New Jersey Supreme Court Reinstates DUI Breath Test
  4. New York: City Bureaucrats Take Up Nearly Half of Street Spots
  5. Report Urges Tolling Every Road Leading to Washington
  6. Georgia Senate Restricts, Maine Rejects Red Light Cameras
  7. Maryland General Assembly Adopts Statewide Speed Cameras
  8. New York Moving Forward on Congestion Tax
  9. Virginia Toll Roads to Fund Bus, Rail Not Roads
  10. Australia: Police Celebrate Seizure of Aston Martin
  11. North Dakota Supreme Court Slashes Traffic Ticket Profiteering
  12. Colorado: City Adds More Cameras Despite Accident Increase
  13. Florida: Voter Initiative Would Eliminate Camera and Speed Trap Revenue
  14. Presidential Candidates Endorse Toll Road Bank
  15. Missouri: Candidate Runs Against Quotas, Cameras
  16. UK: Speed Camera Evidence Manipulated
  17. Australia: Daylight Saving Time Confuses Speed Cameras
  18. Colorado Lawmakers Endorse Tolls on Existing Interstate Freeway
  19. Virginia: Abuser Fees Officially Dead
  20. Rockville, Maryland Speed Cameras Violate State Law
  21. New York: Congestion Tax to Hit Motorists Hard
  22. Tennessee: Red Light Camera Causes Overturned Dump Truck Crash
  23. Motorists in South Africa and Louisiana Protest Speed Cameras
  24. Denver, Colorado Caught Exploiting Short Yellow Lights
  25. California: Police Raid Car Enthusiast Gathering, Generate Revenue
  26. Missouri: Jail Time Possible for Red Light Ticket Recipients
  27. Louisiana: Proposal Bans Speed Traps, Limits Cameras
  28. New Hampshire: Grandmother Arrested, Dog Impounded Over Old Parking Tickets
  29. Louisiana: Speed Camera Manager Caught with Speed Detector
  30. New Jersey May Cash in on Crosswalks
  31. California: Government Plates Immune from Tolls, Photo Tickets
  32. UK: Vigilantes Cook Speed Camera
  33. Revenue Concerns Derail Maryland, Washington Photo Ticketing Expansion
  34. New York State Legislature Spikes Congestion Tax
  35. IBM Patents Congestion Pricing
  36. UK: Top Speed Camera Trap Caught Tricking Motorists at Night
  37. Texas: 260 Bogus Red Light Camera Tickets Tossed
  38. Toronto to Create $500 Red Light Camera Fine
  39. California Legislators to Consider Global Warming Tax
  40. Missouri: Amendment Taxes Government Profit to Fix Roads
  41. Australia: 1500 Police Officers Believe Main Job is Revenue Generation
  42. Missouri: Voters Elect Camera Foe
  43. Arizona: April 1 Prank Underscores Toll Road Unpopularity
  44. UK Motorist Proves to Judge that the Traffic Camera Lied
  45. Connecticut: Car Seizures Exclude the Politically Connected
  46. Stock Pressure Drives Red Light Camera Placement
  47. Pennsylvania: Cops Busted for Illegally Issuing 650 Speeding Tickets
  48. Texas: Gas Tax Dollars Spent to Build Park
  49. Arkansas Appeals Court: No Conflict of Interest for Car Seizures
  50. UK: Cop Caught Lying to Avoid Camera Ticket
  51. UK Speed Cameras Torched
  52. Sober Arizona, Oregon Motorists Arrested for DUI
  53. Study Finds Cost Effective Methods of Reducing Stop Sign Accidents
  54. New York: Bloomberg Pushing Bridge Tolls
  55. Switzerland Prefers Cars Despite Expensive Transit System
  56. Supreme Court Expands Traffic Search Authority of Police
  57. Nasdaq to Boot Camera Maker
  58. Court Slams Florida Toll Roads Over Bogus Ticketing
  59. ACLU Report: Police Harass Motorists for Driving While Black
  60. Tuscon, Arizona Ticket Cameras Tweaked
  61. House Speaker Endorses Toll Road Bank
  62. Alaska: Appeals Court Cracks Down on Coercive Searches
  63. California to Receive Federal Gas Tax Money to Implement Tolls
  64. US Senators Propose Alternatives to Tolls
  65. Illinois: Lawsuit Filed Over Outrageous Toll Fines
  66. California Family Haunted by 13 Year Old Connecticut Car Tax
  67. UK: Innocent Man Beats Camera Conviction
  68. DC Spends Millions on Trolley Route to Nowhere
  69. Canadian Supreme Court Eliminates DUI Defense
  70. UK: Meter Maids Given Spy Equipment
  71. Texas: Electronic Toll Road Creates Danger
  72. Ohio Court Tosses Laser Speed Gun Readings
  73. Texas: Electronic Toll Road Creates Danger
  74. Ohio Court Tosses Laser Speed Gun Readings
  75. Texas Lawmaker Who Created $3000 DUI Fine Gets a DUI
  76. Tennessee Proposal Would Ban Shortened Yellow Lights
  77. UK: London Congestion Tax Increased Pollution
  78. Speed Limits to Rise in Texas, Utah
  79. Minnesota: Red Light Camera Removal Improved Safety
  80. UK Voters Reject Environmental Taxes
  81. UK: Congestion Taxing Mayor Faces Defeat
  82. Australia: Police Confiscate $200k Car at Enthusiast Gathering
  83. New York City Mayor Pushes Bus Lane Ticket Cameras
  84. Ohio: Push for a Vote on Red Light Cameras Gathers Steam
  85. UK: Man Ticketed While Helping Suffering Wife
  86. Texas: Toll Road Spends Half-Million For Employee Perks
  87. Colorado: Freeway Photo Radar Approved
  88. Toll Hikes Used to Boost Foreign Company Profits
  89. Missouri: Red Light Camera Mayor Freed
  90. UK Motorist Group Hires Anti-Motorist Activist
  91. Louisiana Lawmakers Vote to Expand Traffic Camera Use
  92. Australia: Toll Tunnel Achieves Junk Bond Status
  93. US Lawmaker Ties Gas Tax Break to Moratorium on Pork Projects
  94. Missouri: House Committee Votes to Expand Traffic Cameras
  95. California: Appeals Court Rules Car Seizure Not Required
  96. New York: Cop Beats Meter Maid, Crowd Applauds
  97. Louisiana Senate Adopts Ticket Quota Ban
  98. Georgia: Governor Signs Red Light Camera Restrictions
  99. Federal Appeals Court Limits Illinois Car Seizure
  100. UK: Speed Camera Burned
  101. Louisiana: State Board Rules Against Traffic Camera Company
  102. Illinois House to Ban Taxpayer Funded Political Billboards
  103. Seattle, Washington Shortens Yellow Lights
  104. Texas DOT Kicks Off Annual Advertising Campaign
  105. UK: 2660 Illegally Issued Speed Camera Tickets Refunded
  106. Colorado: Investigation Forces Yellow Light Changes
  107. Australia: Unreliable Speed Cameras Secretly Disconnected
  108. Iowa Supreme Court to Rule on Photo Ticket Legality
  109. Missouri Activates Variable Speed Trap Program
  110. California Court Weakens Ban on Unmarked Traffic Police
  111. Tolling Troubles Multiply Worldwide
  112. UK: Boris To End Anti-Motorist Policies in London
  113. California Bans Contingent Fee Parking Tickets
  114. Maryland: Lawmakers Given Steak Dinners by Camera Lobbyist
  115. Illinois: Toll Money Spent Creating Mascot
  116. New York: Tolling Board Drives Toll Free for Life
  117. Washington, DC Strikes at Maryland Commuters
  118. Texas Backs Off From Toll Road Agenda
  119. China: Traffic Cameras Used for Voyeurism
  120. UK Camera Burned, French Vigilante Captured
  121. UK: Speed Camera Burned, Meter Maid Bumped
  122. New York: Roadblock Targets Motorcycle Gathering
  123. California: Camera Tickets Mailed on a Guess
  124. UK: Congestion Charge to Profit from Hospital Patients
  125. New York: Lobbyist Sparks U-Turns on Cameras
  126. Texas DOT Slammed by Sunset Panel
  127. Arizona: Engineering Improvements Slash Accidents
  128. Spain: Vigilantes Thwart Speed Camera Officials
  129. Toll-Free Driving by Lawmakers Draws Fire
  130. Arizona: Sheriff Caught Fudging Photo Radar Stats
  131. South Carolina: Christian License Plate Law Approved
  132. Texas: Neighborhood Streets to Receive Tolls
  133. California, UK Vigilantes Strike Cameras
  134. Chicago Gets Federal Cash to Raise Parking Taxes
  135. New York Assembly Approves Toll Elimination Bill
  136. Second UK City to Adopt Congestion Tax
  137. Malaysia Drops Gas Subsidies, Keeps Tolls
  138. Missouri: Woman Handcuffed for Waiting to Stop in Lit Area
  139. Tennessee: Speed Trap Town May Lose Every Speeding Ticket
  140. Budget Bonanza from Maryland Speed Cameras
  141. Rhode Island: ACLU Report Shows Red Light Camera Flaws
  142. Gas Cost Rises, Toll Road Use Sinks
  143. Arizona Legislature Says No to Real ID
  144. Michigan Moves to Eliminate Speeding Ticket Tax
  145. California Appeals Court Defends Red Light Cameras
  146. Pennsylvania Attorney General Bans PhotoBlocker
  147. Speed Camera Attacks Continue in UK, France
  148. California Bribes Indians for Toll Roads
  149. Virginia: Foreign Corporation Gets US Money for Toll Road
  150. Louisiana Legislature Passes Red Light Camera Bill
  151. California: Plan Would Impose Congestion Zone in Los Angeles
  152. Ohio: Petition Drive Threatens Red Light Camera Push
  153. Ohio Supreme Court Clears Government in Fatal Accident
  154. Washington: Anti-Congestion Referendum Gathers Momentum
  155. Florida: Cop Impersonator Uses Unmarked Car
  156. Australian Axman Attacks Automated Ticketing Machine
  157. Rhode Island Turns School Bus Into Ticket Bus
  158. Illinois Cracks Down on Predatory Towing
  159. Ohio: Law Would Allow Forced Blood Draws by Police
  160. Study: Higher Interstate Speed Limits are Safe
  161. Arizona Arrests Nevada Woman Based on Photos
  162. More Lawmakers Get Toll Free Driving
  163. Tennessee: Police Chief Arrested for Ticket Fixing
  164. Toll Roads Mean Billions in Extra Costs for Motorists
  165. New York: Bus Lane Camera Legislation Dead
  166. Arizona Drops Speed Camera Points
  167. BMW M3 Beats Prius in Fuel Economy Test
  168. Tennessee Supreme Court Upholds Tickets for Dawdlers
  169. Ohio City Caught Distorting Violation Drop
  170. London Borough Ends Car Impounding
  171. Ohio City Caught Distorting Violation Drop
  172. London Borough Ends Car Impounding
  173. Do you Know the Fact?
  174. Virginia: Toll Road Company Made Illegal Donations
  175. Illinois: Local Police Seize Cars by the Thousands
  176. UK: London Congestion Charge Downsizing Possible
  177. New Jersey Appellate Court Protects Corzine Crash Cops
  178. Study: Toll Transponders Hide Cost of Tolling
  179. Illinois Toll Road Overbills Wisconsin Drivers
  180. New Mexico Supreme Court OKs Seizing Cars from Accused
  181. UK: Speed Camera Operator Rigged the System
  182. New Jersey to Double Toll Existing Toll Roads
  183. UK: Slow Mailing Invalidates 500 Speed Camera Tickets
  184. Russian Capital Gets Traffic Cameras
  185. Anti-Camera Petitions Earn Huge Public Support
  186. Opinion: Pennsylvania Turnpike Becomes Campaign Battleground
  187. Arizona Official Confirms Redflex Falsified Speed Camera Documents
  188. New Virginia Toll Lanes Designed to Create Congestion
  189. Australia: Car Impounded After Leaving Impound Lot
  190. Arizona Buys Rear End Collision Protection for Cops
  191. Anti-Camera Petitions Earn Huge Public Support
  192. Opinion: Pennsylvania Turnpike Becomes Campaign Battleground
  193. Arizona Official Confirms Redflex Falsified Speed Camera Documents
  194. New Virginia Toll Lanes Designed to Create Congestion
  195. Australia: Car Impounded After Leaving Impound Lot
  196. Arizona Buys Rear End Collision Protection for Cops
  197. Let Washington Know that You Don't Support Another National Speed Limit
  198. Florida HOT Lane Experiment Creates Safety Hazard
  199. Colorado Springs Ticket Quota Uncovered
  200. New Camera Issues Tire Tread Tickets
  201. Missouri: Police Caught Driving Impounded Cars
  202. UK: Fire Destroys Speed Camera
  203. Australian Company to Issue Arizona Speeding Tickets
  204. Ohio Cops Caught Cheating on DUI Test
  205. Connecticut: City Boots Car of Innocent Man
  206. Spain: Gunfire Destroys Speed Camera
  207. New Jersey: Grand Jury Indicts Judge for Ticket Fixing
  208. HOT Lanes Discourage Carpooling
  209. South Dakota Supreme Court: City Not Liable for Dangerous Street
  210. Washington: Police May Not Arrest Car Passengers Based on Smell
  211. California: Freeway Toll Proposal Advances Despite Opposition
  212. UK: Speed Display Signs Replaced with Speeding Ticket Blitz
  213. Arizona Appeals Court Says DUI Charge Requires Driving
  214. Maryland: Photo Police Accused of Privacy Invasion
  215. GAO Questions Wisdom of Public Private Partnerships
  216. UK Speed Camera Burned for Third Time
  217. Photo: Redflex Protests Itself
  218. Judges Taught to Help Prosecutors in DUI Cases
  219. New York: Meter Maid Slapping Now a Felony
  220. Federal Taxpayers Bankrolling San Francisco Congestion Tax Push
  221. Arizona Cities Develop New Speed Camera Tricks
  222. Hungary: Speed Camera Trap Use Live Cops to Catch Foreigners
  223. Arizona Continues Photo Ticket Show Arrests
  224. Tennessee Appeals Court Embraces Red Light Cameras
  225. Innocent Florida, Louisiana Motorists Receive Bogus Photo Tickets
  226. Pennsylvania Toll Lobbying Battle Fails to Sway Public
  227. Illinois: Man Ticketed for Stopping and Turning Right on Red
  228. UK: Swindon Speed Camera Scorched
  229. Indiana AG Finds Red Light Cameras Illegal
  230. Illinois Plans $50 Million in Statewide Speed Camera Profit
  231. London Admits Congestion Charge Failure
  232. Toll Road Transponder Security Hacked
  233. Redflex Accused of FCC Violations
  234. California, New Jersey Toll Plans Killed
  235. California: $500 Ticket for Tire Cleaning
  236. Arizona Resumes Freeway Speed Camera Use
  237. Wisconsin Appeals Court Upholds Federal Speed Limit Sign Rules
  238. Maryland: Camera Accuses Elderly Man of 100 MPH Rush Hour Blast
  239. UK: Unmarked Sport Bikes Used to Ticket Motorists
  240. Speed Camera Vendors Engage in All-Out Battle
  241. Maryland, UK Speed Cameras Vandalized, Destroyed
  242. Washington, Ohio Ballot Initiatives Scare City Councils
  243. Grim Financial Outlook for Toll Roads
  244. Texas Leaders Agree to End Raid on Transportation Funding
  245. Federal Court Rules Driving with Air Fresheners is Suspicious
  246. Australian Toll Road Company Losing Millions
  247. Photo Ticket Vendor Announces Massive Profit Growth
  248. Speed Cameras Disabled in South Africa and UK
  249. Florida County to Seize Homes with Red Light Cameras
  250. Iowa Supreme Court Saves Photo Ticketing Program