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  1. Louisiana Lawmakers Push to Ban Photo Enforcement
  2. Chattanooga, Tennessee Traffic Cameras Fail to Reduce Accidents
  3. Group Calls on Arizona State Police Chief to Step Down
  4. Louisiana: 2488 Refunds from Unfair Speed Camera Trap
  5. Janet Napolitano as Supreme Court Justice: Potentially Damaging to Civil Liberties
  6. Florida Red Light Camera Push Narrowly Fails
  7. French, UK Vigilantes Grow Tired of Speed Cameras
  8. Minnesota Supreme Court Orders Access to Breathalyzer Source Code
  9. Illinois State Police Seize and Keep Desirable Cars for Personal Use
  10. West Virginia Supreme Court: Turn Signal Optional On Empty Road
  11. List of Thirteen States Where Automated Ticketing is Banned
  12. Wisconsin Appeals Court Upholds Warrantless GPS Spying
  13. Alabama Legislature Approves Red Light Cameras
  14. Texas House Votes to Sunset Red Light Cameras
  15. Tennessee Protests Speed Cameras, UK Burns and Poland Grabs Them
  16. Texas: Study Finds Slim Justification for Camera Installation
  17. New York Appeals Court Strikes Down Warrantless GPS Spying
  18. Tennessee Appeals Court Reiterates Its Support for Red Light Cameras
  19. California Cities Back Away from Cost Neutral Contracts
  20. New Zealand Speed Cameras Doubled Speed Readings for Trucks
  21. Canada: Speed Camera Refunds Become Political Issue
  22. Australia, France, UK Traffic Cameras Under Fire
  23. New Administration Continues Bush Toll Road Push
  24. Longview, Washington Anti-Photo Ticket Referendum Effort Underway
  25. Group Identifies States Least and Most Friendly to Motorists
  26. Texas Cities Defy House Attempt to Ban Red Light Cameras
  27. New Jersey: Pedestrian Fatalities Not Caused by Right Turns
  28. Speed Cameras Attacked in Germany, Italy, Poland, UK
  29. Illinois: Little City Brings in Big Cash from Towing
  30. Transportation Secretary Endorses Anti-Car Agenda
  31. Alaska Senator Championed Speed Camera Program Rejected by Public
  32. Ohio Court Strikes Down Wrongful Entrustment Charge
  33. Illinois: Little City Brings in Big Cash from Towing
  34. Transportation Secretary Endorses Anti-Car Agenda
  35. Alaska Senator Championed Speed Camera Program Rejected by Public
  36. Ohio Court Strikes Down Wrongful Entrustment Charge
  37. Illinois: Little City Brings in Big Cash from Towing
  38. Transportation Secretary Endorses Anti-Car Agenda
  39. Alaska Senator Championed Speed Camera Program Rejected by Public
  40. Ohio Court Strikes Down Wrongful Entrustment Charge
  41. Illinois: Little City Brings in Big Cash from Towing
  42. Transportation Secretary Endorses Anti-Car Agenda
  43. Alaska Senator Championed Speed Camera Program Rejected by Public
  44. Ohio Court Strikes Down Wrongful Entrustment Charge
  45. Another driving freedom taken away
  46. 9298 Bogus Speed Camera Tickets Refunded in The Netherlands
  47. Texas Senate Endorses Freeway Spy Cameras
  48. Traffic Camera Lobbyists Score Big Win in Texas Legislature
  49. Australian Cops Block Speed Cameras, French, UK Vigilantes Destroy Them
  50. Arizona: Judge Throws Out Political Arrest Based on Photo Ticket
  51. Speed Cameras in UK, Germany, The Netherlands Swiped, Smashed, Scorched
  52. Rear End Accidents Prove Deadly
  53. Traffic Camera Companies Hit By Recession
  54. Tennessee Authorizes Statewide Freeway Speed Camera Program
  55. Maine Bans Photo Enforcement
  56. Italy: Police Raid Speed Camera Company Caught in Fraud Scandal
  57. Obama Transportation Appointees Like Speed Cameras, Tolls
  58. Arizona Makes it Easier to Impose DUI on Non-Drivers
  59. Arizona License Plate Law to Preserve Photo Ticket Revenue
  60. Fitch Ratings Forecasts the Need for Massive Toll Increases
  61. Winnipeg, Canada Police Caught Lying with Accident Data
  62. Italy: Free Pizza for Speed Camera Victims
  63. Wyoming Plans to Toll Interstate 80
  64. Red Light Camera Program Returns to Virginia
  65. Spain Cracks Down on Use of GPS Navigation Devices
  66. Texas Police Chief Fired for Questioning Red Light Cameras
  67. Arizona Legislature Prepares to Defend Photo Radar
  68. UK Cancels 24,889 Invalid Speed Camera Tickets
  69. US House Wants More Transit Spending, Fewer Tolls
  70. New Jersey to Consider Banning Drivers from Operating GPS
  71. How the Internet is Changing the World, for the Better
  72. Texas Governor Saves Toll Road Promotional Campaigns
  73. California Legislators Prepare to Unleash Speed Traps in Pasadena
  74. California: Grand Jury Slams City for Short Yellows
  75. Washington Ticket Cameras Under Legal Siege
  76. Albuquerque, New Mexico to Make Engine Revving a Crime
  77. Cameras Burned, Bashed in UK, Germany, Italy
  78. Louisiana Legislature Passes Speed Trap Reform
  79. Arizona: Group Forces City to Refund Tickets Over Short Yellow
  80. California Tightens State Speed Trap Regulations
  81. Louisiana Parish Revolts Against Speed Cameras
  82. Maywood, California Dumps Red Light Cameras
  83. Colorado: City Dumps Camera Plan Over Revenue Concern
  84. Speed Cameras Disabled in Arizona, France
  85. UK: London Congestion Tax Accused of Greenwashing
  86. Texas City Caught Trapping Drivers with Short Yellows
  87. Arizona Lawmakers Support Toll Roads, Speed Cameras
  88. Colorado: City Launches Website to Stop Toll Road
  89. Tennessee Highway Patrol Ticket Quota Uncovered
  90. UK: Shropshire Speed Camera Torched
  91. Canada: Errant Speed Camera Tickets Slow Drivers
  92. Schaumburg, Illinois Red Light Cameras No Longer Profitable
  93. Citizen Petitions Put Photo Enforcement Companies on the Defensive
  94. California Supreme Court Admits, Ignores Breathalyzer Flaws
  95. Australia: Deaths Go Up After Speed Limits Imposed
  96. UK Police Caught Forging Speed Camera Documents
  97. Speed Cameras Under Assault in Arizona, Australia and UAE
  98. Canada: Lawsuit Targets Winnipeg Speed Camera Vendors
  99. Road Safety Group Argues for Return of Rational Speed Limits
  100. California City Makes a Million From Split Second Mistakes
  101. UK Council Considers Speed Camera Photos Copyrighted
  102. Louisiana: Speed Camera Company Runs Litter Camera Program
  103. Australian Toll Road Firm Continues Downward Spiral
  104. South Africa: Government Official Implicated in Missing Traffic Camera Scandal
  105. UK, California and New York Destroy Traffic Cameras
  106. Photo Enforcement Programs' Safety Benefits: Separating Truth from Falsehood
  107. Photo Enforcement Safety Benefits: Separating Fact from Fiction
  108. California City Spends Thousands to Defend Red Light Camera Ticket
  109. UK Statistics Authority Blasts Bogus Speed Camera Data
  110. Ohio City Jumps the Gun with Speed Camera Tickets
  111. Federal Judge Tosses Missouri Red Light Camera Challenge
  112. US Supreme Court Upsets Speed Camera Industry
  113. Study: West Virginia Traffic Cops Target Innocent Minorities
  114. Louisiana, Poland, South Africa and UK Express Anger Toward Speed Cameras
  115. South Africa: Chinese Car Accused of Impossible Speeds
  116. Arizona Failed to Learn Lesson of Hawaii Photo Radar Experiment
  117. Jay Leno Discusses Destruction of Speed Cameras on BBC
  118. Italian Authorities Conduct Third Speed Camera Raid
  119. Georgia: Benefit of Increased Yellow Continues
  120. UK: London Transport System Built on Subsidy, Inefficiency
  121. Speed Cameras Taken Out in The Netherlands, Poland and the UK
  122. California Judge Declares Red Light Camera Program Illegal and Void
  123. Federal Appeals Court Limits Tribal Roadblocks
  124. Spain: Officials Refund 800 Speed Camera Tickets
  125. UK Hands Taxpayer Money to Anti-Motorist Groups
  126. Australia: Car Seizure Law Used to Take Bike from Little Girl
  127. Arizona: Independent Test Shows Speed Cameras Do Not Slow Drivers
  128. Camera Attacks in Tennessee, Australia, Italy, Latvia, Spain, UK
  129. College Station, Texas Tries to Undermine Anti-Camera Referendum
  130. Ohio City Attempts to Undermine Traffic Camera Referendum
  131. Virginia Legislature Seeks to Undermine US Supreme Court Decision
  132. Texas Taxpayers Pay Spanish Firm for Failed Toll Road Bid
  133. Arlington Sues Virginia Over HOT Lanes
  134. Texas Senator Declares Anti-Toll Campaign for Governor
  135. Arizona, Poland, UK Resist Speed Cameras
  136. Florida: Lawsuits Challenge Red Light Camera Legality
  137. Public Opposition Drives Down Redflex Profit Margin
  138. Italy: Private Photo Enforcement Contracts Banned
  139. Group Sues Over Chicago Parking Meter Privatization
  140. Alaska Supreme Court Allows Science in DUI Cases
  141. Illinois City Forgets Lesson of 1992 Photo Enforcement Referendum
  142. Speed Cameras Attacked in France, Ireland, Poland, The Netherlands and UK
  143. South Dakota Supreme Court Limits Interrogation of Travelers
  144. Toll Road Firms Continue to Lose Millions
  145. California: Costa Mesa Red Light Cameras Increased Accidents
  146. Arizona: Peoria Cameras Increased Accidents
  147. Texas: Camera Company Battles Refendum Effort
  148. Group Lists Worst Labor Day Speed Traps
  149. German Appeals Court Allows Police to Ticket by Counting
  150. DC Camera Ticket Overturned on Accuracy Doubts
  151. Washington Supreme Court Protects Innocent Owners from Car Seizure
  152. Federal Proposal Would Spend $154 Million on Vehicle Tracking Tax
  153. Automated Enforcement Assaulted in Australia, France, Maryland, UK
  154. Speed Camera Hate Grows in Belgium
  155. Traffic Camera Company ATS Expands as Redflex Faces Trouble
  156. Ohio, Arizona Special Interests Battle Anti-Camera Initiatives
  157. Arizona Officials Mislead Public on Photo Radar Ticket Review
  158. Texas City Plans Taxpayer Funded Ad Blitz to Save Red Light Cameras
  159. Arizona State Police to Investigate Aggressive Redflex Driver
  160. California City Proposes to Evade California Red Light Camera Law
  161. Washington Supreme Court Upholds Forced DUI Blood Draws
  162. UK Billboards Equipped with License Plate Spy Cameras
  163. Massachusetts Supreme Court Strikes Down Warrantless GPS Spying
  164. The Netherlands: Parked Truck Receives 45 Automated Speeding Tickets
  165. Congress Renews Ban on Texas Toll Roads
  166. Oklahoma Sheriff Convicted of Stealing Cash from Motorists
  167. Virginia Supreme Court Restricts Search of Car Passengers
  168. Lobbyists Battle for Handouts in Federal Transportation Bill
  169. California: Another Appellate Court Strikes Down Cost Neutrality
  170. Maryland Deploys Speed Cameras on Interstate Highways
  171. Executives at Failing Australian Toll Road Company Split Lavish Salaries
  172. Ohio City Asks Supreme Court to Stop Camera Referendum
  173. Xerox Becomes a Red Light Camera Company
  174. UK Government Admits Traffic Accident Figures Miscounted
  175. Speed Cameras Attacked in Italy, Germany, Kuwait, Poland
  176. Spain: Government Buys More Speed Cameras
  177. Arizona: Witnesses Blame Accident on Speed Camera
  178. Texas: ATS and Allies Behind Anti Referendum Group
  179. UK: Tory Government Will Keep Speed Cameras
  180. Ohio Supreme Court Criminalizes Breathalyzer Refusal
  181. Hawaii Supreme Court Questions Laser Speed Gun Accuracy
  182. Louisiana and UK Speed Cameras Burned
  183. Shareholders Battle for Control of Redflex
  184. Canada: Motorists Protest Illegal Work Zone Photo Radar
  185. Pennsylvania: Tolling Interstate 80 Would Cost Jobs
  186. Michigan Senate Considers Legalizing Fuzzy Dice
  187. UK Government: Per Mile Tax Would Solve Global Warming
  188. Speed Cameras Attacked in Finland, Poland and Wales
  189. Florida May Put Loud Stereo Tickets on Driving Record
  190. College Station, Texas Uses Public Funds to Influence Election
  191. Ohio Supreme Court Clears Anti-Speed Camera Referendum for Vote
  192. Canada: Cameras Increased Accidents, City Wants More
  193. UK: London Mayor Backtracks on Congestion Tax
  194. California: Right Turn Camera Makes $1 Million a Month
  195. Canada: Privacy Commissioner Concerned Over License Plate Spying
  196. California Appellate Court Refuses to Publish Anti-Camera Decision
  197. Texas Red Light Camera Program Offers No Appeal to Citations
  198. Mass Transit Programs Only Serve 6.9 Million Customers
  199. Feds to Convince DC Area Taxpayers to Embrace $4.8 Billion Mileage Tax
  200. Utah DOT: No Downside to 80 MPH Speed Limit Increase
  201. UK: Surrey Speed Camera Burned
  202. New York Officials Make School Bus Camera Sales Pitch
  203. Redflex Battles Anti-Speed Camera Votes in Ohio
  204. Rhode Island Governor Vetoes E-ZPass Privacy Bill
  205. Colorado: Voters Reject Mandatory Vehicle Impound
  206. Pennsylvania Resurrects Plan to Toll Interstate 80 Freeway
  207. German Court Questions Laser Speed Camera Accuracy
  208. Florida: Early Data Suggest City Traffic Cameras Ineffective
  209. Maryland Politicians, Judges, Bureaucrats Drive Toll Free
  210. California Toll Road Refunds Excessive Penalties
  211. Photo Enforcement Defeated at the Ballot Box in Texas, Ohio
  212. Maryland Cities Create School Zones for Speed Camera Use
  213. Massachusetts: Red Light Cameras Proposed to Fight Deficit
  214. Corporate America Grows More Involved in Photo Enforcement
  215. Italy: Speed Camera Accuses Motorcyclist of 383 MPH Blast
  216. France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Burned, Blinded, Bombed
  217. Photo Radar Companies Squabble in Court
  218. Canada: Appeals Court Cancels Non-Bilingual Speed Camera Tickets
  219. ACORN Behind Push for Speed Traps
  220. Texas: Accidents Increase at Controversial Red Light Camera Intersection
  221. Arizona Legislative Memo: Traffic Camera Companies Need PI Licenses
  222. Arizona: Photo Enforcement Debated in Public Forum
  223. France, Poland: Speed Cameras Blinded
  224. College Station, Texas Red Light Cameras to Come Down
  225. Australian Audit Report: Safety Not Sole Concern in Speed Camera Deployment
  226. Shareholder Revolt Takes Out Three Traffic Camera Company Leaders
  227. Federal Court Bans South Carolina Christian License Plate
  228. Illinois Lawmakers Push Red Light Camera Restrictions
  229. Michigan Lawmakers Consider Repeal of Driver Responsibility Tax
  230. Dorset, UK Speed Camera Destroyed by Fire
  231. UK: Somerset Speed Camera Scorched
  232. Texas Red Light Cameras Generate $100 Million in Tickets
  233. California Cities Skirt Law With Administrative Speeding Tickets
  234. Ohio Appeals Court: No Speeding Tickets for Fast Sounding Cars
  235. Indiana: City Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets
  236. Administration to Hike Driving Taxes for Non-Road Spending
  237. Texas: Judge Ignores November Vote On Anti-Camera Initiative
  238. UK, The Netherlands: Speed Cameras Destroyed, Gift-Wrapped
  239. Turmoil in Two California Red Light Camera Programs
  240. Tennessee: Early Results Poor For Clarksville Traffic Cameras
  241. Maryland: Vendor Holds Red Light Cameras Hostage
  242. Tennessee: Camera Company Challenged on PI License Issue
  243. Missouri Supreme Court to Tackle Red Light Camera Issue
  244. Photo Enforcement Illegal in South Carolina
  245. Colorado: Crime Lab Generates False DUI Readings
  246. Federal Agency Rules Traffic Camera Enforcement Lines Illegal
  247. Italy, Singapore Speed Cameras, Signs Spraypainted
  248. Missouri: Legislators to Consider Banning Mileage Tolls, Traffic Cameras
  249. Australia: Speed Cameras Watch from the Skies
  250. Colorado: 2010 Ballot Measure Would Slash Car Taxes