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  1. Another UK Speed Camera Burns
  2. Virginians Pay Australian Toll CEO Salary
  3. Arizona: Man Taping Photo Radar Protest Arrested
  4. California Legislature Pushes Toll Roads
  5. Ohio City Lays Off Workers as Red Light Camera Revenue Falls
  6. Tennessee: Redflex Misses Camera Contract Deadline
  7. Washington Think Tank Gives Thumbs Up to Traffic Reduction Measure
  8. Arizona Overlooks Illegal Use of Speed Cameras
  9. Australia: 650 Bogus Toll Road Photo Tickets Refunded
  10. Washington Freeway Speed Cameras to Begin Ticketing
  11. New Zealand Man Loses Car Over Fish
  12. Arizona Speed Camera Van Pulled Over for DUI
  13. California Cities Have Red Light Camera Ticket Quota
  14. UK: Camera Operators Offer Reward to Capture Vigilantes
  15. Arizona: Speed Camera Used to Intimidate Camera Protesters
  16. Australia: NSW Supreme Court Denies Right to Drive
  17. Florida: Red Light Camera Company Wants Illegal Contract
  18. DC: Lucrative Photo Enforcement Contract Under Scrutiny
  19. Photo Ticket Cameras to Track Drivers Nationwide
  20. DC Cop Busted in Photo Radar Fraud
  21. Delaware Toll Roads to Seize Cars
  22. Arizona: Cops Arrest Man at Anti-Camera Demonstration
  23. South Dakota Supreme Court Changes Rear End Accident Liability
  24. Ireland: Ministers Caught Ignoring Speed Limit
  25. Illinois: Municipality Fights County Over Red Light Revenue
  26. Tennessee Policy Analysis Challenges Red Light Cameras
  27. Arizona: Photo Ticket Server Dishes Out Racial Slurs
  28. UK: More Speed Cameras Attacked
  29. California Supreme Court to Review Red Light Cameras
  30. No Slowing Arizona Speed Camera Push
  31. Goldman Sachs to Raise Automobile Insurance Rates
  32. Revenue Central to Discussion Over Red Light Camera Installation
  33. University of South Florida Red Light Camera Report Clarified
  34. Maryland, Missouri, Tennessee Explore Freeway Speed Cameras
  35. Maryland County Sets Quota for Speed Camera Tickets
  36. Texas City Goes After County for Not Paying Tickets
  37. Pennsylvania Tolling Deals Fail
  38. Ohio: Momentary Drift is Grounds for Search and Ticket
  39. Third Largest California City May Reject Red Light Cameras
  40. Canada: Edmonton Photo Radar Trial Underway
  41. Texas Becomes Roadblock Battleground
  42. Another Photo Enforcement Company Buyout Possible
  43. UK Speed Cameras to Monitor Every Stretch of Road
  44. Arizona Activists Zoom in On Speed Camera Van
  45. Pennsylvania: 4390 Red Light Camera Tickets Refunded
  46. Illinois Plans Toll Road Within a Toll Road
  47. UK: Video Highlights BBC Speed Camera Censorship
  48. Florida Appeals Court Reinstates Toll Road Bills
  49. Ohio Cop Reprimanded for Making More Arrests than Tickets
  50. Maryland Vigilantes Protest Speed Camera
  51. California Toll Road Needs Billion Dollar Bailout
  52. Australia Deploys Noise Cameras
  53. Texas: Officials Use Toll Fund For Meals, Bonuses, Decorating
  54. UK Speed Camera Burned, More Maryland Photos
  55. Virginia County Revolts Over HOT Lane Deal
  56. California: Another City Dumps Red Light Cameras
  57. Arizona: Speed Camera Operator Attacks Protester
  58. BBC Speed Camera Crash Video Uncovered
  59. Buffalo, NY to install red light cameras???
  60. Arizona Freeway Speed Cameras Deploy Statewide
  61. US House Report Slams Parking Ticket Hypocrisy
  62. New York: County Admits Cameras Are For Revenue
  63. Washington: Camera Companies Oppose Congestion Reduction Measure
  64. Canada: Judge Lets Cop Walk in Photo Radar Bribe Case
  65. UK: Speed Camera Escapes Fire Attack
  66. Virginia to Consider Per Mile Driving Tax
  67. UK: Vigilantes Cost Speed Camera Operators $800,000
  68. Singapore: Hot Cash Cards Cause Toll Road Errors
  69. More Toll Roads Likely in US Future
  70. Chicago Motorist Taxes Top Half a Billion
  71. Second Ohio City Votes to Ban Red Light Cameras
  72. Australia: Woman Becomes Major Investor in Toll Road for $21,700
  73. Ohio: Anti-Camera Voter Referendum Push Expands
  74. UK: London Mayor Declares End to War on Drivers
  75. Obama Transition Team Examines Congestion Tax
  76. Scholars Uncover Flaws in Red Light Camera Research
  77. Insurance Industry Behind Push for Florida Red Light Cameras
  78. Group to Shame Cities with Short Intersection Yellow Time
  79. UK Government to Make Challenging Speeding Tickets More Expensive
  80. Germany: Three Speed Cameras Destroyed
  81. Michigan: Police Chiefs Admit Traffic Enforcement is for Revenue
  82. France: Vigilantes Burn Speed Camera
  83. Photo Enforcement Executives Ignore Own Tickets
  84. Janet Napolitano as Homeland Security Secretary
  85. Arizona Treasurer Calls Speed Cameras Unconstitutional
  86. Congressman Wants Bailout for Car Buyers
  87. California: City Caught Trapping Drivers with Short Yellows
  88. Arizona: Red Light Camera Tickets a Speed Camera
  89. More Attacks on Speed Cameras in Europe
  90. Sticky Situation for Arizona Speed Cameras
  91. Australian Camera Company Profits from US Economic Woe
  92. West Virginia Legislature Concludes Ticket Quotas Exist
  93. Tennessee Attorney General Promotes Photo Ticketing
  94. Texas Court Busts Camera Company for Operating Without License
  95. Bailed-Out Bank Goes on Toll Road Buying Binge
  96. Texas Spends $10 Million a Year Promoting Toll Roads
  97. UK, Australia, Pennsylvania Speed Traps Thwarted
  98. Investigation Uncovers Irregularities in DC Speed Camera Contract
  99. UK: London Mayor Scales Back Congestion Charge
  100. Anti-Camera Protest at Arizona Redflex Office
  101. Europe Develops RFID License Plate Tracking
  102. Australian, French Motorists Question Speed Camera Accuracy
  103. Copycat Pickaxe Attack on Arizona Speed Cam
  104. Redflex Lobbyist to Hire Staff for Arizona Governor
  105. Study Exposes HOV Lane Dangers
  106. Illinois Governor Blagojevich Saw Personal Green in Toll Lane Idea
  107. California Appellate Court Declares Red Light Camera Contracts Illegal
  108. Third Ohio City Proposes Camera Ban
  109. US DOT Report Confirms Speed Not Major Accident Cause
  110. Speed Cameras in UK, Italy Burned and Shot
  111. UK: Congestion Pricing Referendum Loses 4-1
  112. California Supreme Court Protects Drivers with Temporary Tags
  113. Ray Lahood as Transportation Secretary
  114. Arizona Freeway Speed Camera Toppled
  115. Toll Road Values Plunge
  116. Maryland Students Use Speed Cameras for Revenge
  117. California: Governor Schwarzenegger Vetoes Tax Hikes on Motorists
  118. US DOT Misreports Gasoline Tax Revenue
  119. Belgium: Hundreds of Speed Cameras Destroyed
  120. Arizona: Law Enforcement Joins Anti-Camera Crusade
  121. Arizona Speed Camera Contract Can be Canceled
  122. UK Targets Good Drivers with $90 Fines for Minor Incidents
  123. Switzerland Forgives Italian Speed Camera Fines
  124. Maryland Vigilantes Blind Sneaky Camera Trap
  125. UK: Suffolk Speed Camera Torched
  126. UK Parliament Slams Bogus Speed Camera Statistics
  127. Houston Red Light Camera Report Undermines TxDOT Camera Study
  128. Redflex Pays FCC $22,000 in Illegal Radar Use Settlement
  129. 2008 Year in Review
  130. Missouri: Anti-Red Light Camera Referendum Gains Momentum
  131. Vigilante Speed Camera Attacks on the Rise Worldwide
  132. Pinal County, Arizona Bans Photo Radar
  133. Federal Court Upholds Use of Red Light Cameras for Profit
  134. Red Light Camera and Speed Camera CrimeLine
  135. Virginia: How Shortened Yellow Yielded Greater Profit
  136. Vigilantes Attack Speed Cameras in Arizona, France and Ireland
  137. UK: Motorcyclist Proves Speed Camera Inaccurate in Court
  138. Colorado: Benefit of Yellow Timing Increase Documented in Denver
  139. Arizona Group Launches Statewide Referendum to Ban Photo Enforcement
  140. California City Owes Red Light Camera Company $1.7 Million
  141. Extreme Weather Defeats Speed Cameras
  142. Australia: Speed Camera Accuracy Under Fire
  143. Redflex Expands Red Light Cameras to Red China
  144. Minnesota: $2.6 Million in Red Light Camera Tickets Refunded
  145. UK Speed Camera Accuses 73hp Honda of Impossible Speeds
  146. UK Lord Accused of Cheating Congestion Tax
  147. Virginia: Proposal Eliminates Safety Check on Red Light Cameras
  148. California Appellate Court Overturns Conviction for Running a Green Light
  149. New Transportation Secretary Endorses Toll Roads
  150. Italy: Red Light Camera Makers Arrested for Fraud
  151. Second Arizona Jurisdiction Rejects Speed Camera Tickets
  152. California Appellate Court Publishes Anti-Camera Decision
  153. Arizona: History Underscores Unpopularity of Photo Radar
  154. Canada: Privacy Commissioner Orders Release of Camera Manuals
  155. UK and French Vigilantes Continue Attacks on Speed Cameras
  156. North Carolina: Another City Dumps Red Light Cameras
  157. Arizona: Freeway Photo Radar Ban Proceeds
  158. Missouri, Mississippi Bills Would Ban Photo Tickets
  159. Houston Manipulated Study to Make Red Light Cameras Appear Safer
  160. New Transportation Secretary Named Porker of the Month
  161. Colorado Looks to Double Speed Camera Revenue
  162. South Dakota: State Takes no Blame for Creating Dangerous Intersection
  163. Germany: Police Caught Tampering with Speed Camera Ticket
  164. Canada: Court Throws Out Work Zone Tickets without Workers
  165. Fitch Goes Negative on California Toll Roads
  166. Netherlands: 2640 Photo Radar Tickets Refunded
  167. Belgian, British, Polish Speed Cameras Swiped
  168. Poland: Man Uses Speed Camera to Power Neighborhood
  169. Thousands Injured and Killed in Non-Driving Car Accidents
  170. California: Short Yellow Forces Ticket Refund in San Carlos
  171. Scotland: Police Halt Use of VASCAR Over Accuracy Concern
  172. California Appeals Court Rejects Attempt to Unpublish Red Light Camera Decision
  173. Connecticut Governor Plans to Charge Drivers $171 Million
  174. Mississippi House Votes to Ban Ticket Cameras; Missouri and Maryland Protest
  175. Montana Legislature Considers Red Light Camera Ban
  176. Toll Road Profit Tumbles for Transurban, BrisConnections May Disappear
  177. New Zealand Introduces Anonymous Red Light Accusation Hotline
  178. Study Shows Right Turn on Red Crashes are Rare
  179. Louisiana: Federally Funded Speed Trap Busted for Corruption
  180. Congressman Revives Effort to Ban Freeway Tolls
  181. UK, Italy Vigilantes Attack Speed Cameras
  182. Arizona: County Prosecutor Dismisses Criminal Speed Camera Citations
  183. Redflex Missteps Hit the Bottom Line
  184. California Courts Split on Red Light Camera Contracts
  185. Ohio: Photo Tickets Issued to Leased Cars Ruled Invalid
  186. Arizona Officials Battle Over Jail Time for Photo Tickets
  187. Vigilantes Attack Cameras in UK, Italy
  188. New York City to Install Bus Lane Ticket Cameras
  189. Opinion: Stimulating Big Brother in a Flash
  190. Georgia: Longer Yellows Force City to End Red Light Camera Program
  191. Mississippi Legislature Votes to Ban Red Light Cameras
  192. California: City May Dump Cameras Over Insufficient Revenue
  193. Ohio House Votes to Implement Freeway Photo Radar
  194. Missouri Cops Oppose Red Light Cameras
  195. Georgia: Red Light Cameras Struggle in Face of Longer Yellow
  196. Photo Tickets Pad Campaign Coffers of Arizona Politicians
  197. Legislative Update: States Debate Photo Ticketing Laws
  198. Vigilantes Destroy Speed Cameras in France, Italy, UK
  199. Missouri Cops Oppose Red Light Cameras
  200. Georgia: Red Light Cameras Struggle in Face of Longer Yellow
  201. Photo Tickets Pad Campaign Coffers of Arizona Politicians
  202. Legislative Update: States Debate Photo Ticketing Laws
  203. Vigilantes Destroy Speed Cameras in France, Italy, UK
  204. Two Arrested in Louisiana and Spain for Speed Camera Attacks
  205. California: Toll Road Revenue Continues to Decline
  206. California Appellate Court Slams Sacramento Red Light Camera Program
  207. Texas City Operates Under Unlawful Red Light Camera Contract
  208. Georgia: Some Cities Ignore Extended Yellow Law
  209. California: Red Light Camera Company Nestor Inc. Stiffs Subcontractor
  210. New Mexico Increases Cost of Red Light Camera Tickets
  211. Minnesota: Slap on Wrist for Cop Who Rammed Minivan Full of Kids
  212. Los Angeles County Flat-Rate Traffic Camera Contract Flattens Profit
  213. Switzerland: 3000 Bogus Speed Camera Tickets Refunded
  214. Traffic Camera Attacks in Australia, France, Italy
  215. Photo Enforcement Banned in Mississippi
  216. Italian High Court Overturns Red Light Camera Tickets
  217. France, UK: Parked Cars Receive Speed Camera Tickets
  218. Louisiana City to Vote on Banning Speed Cameras
  219. Virginia: Accuracy Problem Discovered in DUI Machines
  220. Georgia: Proposal Would Investigate Cities Ignoring Yellow Time Law
  221. Speed Cameras Under Fire in France, Italy and the UK
  222. Missouri Senate Adopts Mild Restriction on Traffic Cameras
  223. Montana Legislature Votes to Ban Red Light Cameras
  224. Montana Legislature Votes to Ban Red Light Cameras
  225. Louisiana: Public Slams Traffic Cameras in Referendum
  226. Chillicothe, Ohio Anti-Camera Petition Succeeds
  227. French Legislators Question Accuracy of Speed Cameras
  228. Winnipeg, Canada Caught Trapping Drivers with Short Yellows
  229. Vigilantes Target French, UK Speed Cameras
  230. Victoria, Australia Supreme Court Sets Up Toll Road Showdown
  231. Dalton, Georgia Dumps Red Light Cameras
  232. Corpus Christi, Texas Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents
  233. New York Legislature Approves Massive Traffic Camera Expansion
  234. Maryland Legislature Approves Statewide, Freeway Speed Cameras
  235. Need for "Safety" is Inversely Proportional to Amount of Cash on Hand
  236. Texas: City Councilman Arrested for Opposing Red Light Cameras
  237. Netherlands: 289 Red Light Camera Tickets Refunded
  238. Group Finds Toll Roads Not in Public Interest
  239. Montana City Rushes Camera Ordinance, Plans to Shorten Yellows
  240. Traffic Camera Lobbyists Buy Victory in Maryland Legislature
  241. Vigilantes Disable Cameras in France, Germany
  242. Tennessee Senate Committee Approves Freeway Speed Cameras
  243. Texas: Red Light Camera Supporter Takes City Money
  244. Arizona: Photo Radar Van Driver Murdered
  245. Montana: Red Light Camera Ban Heads to Governor
  246. US Supreme Court Restricts Police Searches of Cars
  247. Minnesota Attorney General Slams Illinois Over Bogus Photo Tickets
  248. Red Light Camera Companies Exploit Victims to Push Florida Law
  249. Washington Deploys Work Zone Cams Despite No Worker Fatalities
  250. Cameras Burn in England and Germany