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Red Light Cameras - Photo Enforcement Discussion of red light cameras/speed-on-green cameras photo enforcement and related technology.

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Old 2008-09-27
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Default Cleveland (Metro), Ohio, USA - Red-Light and Speed Cameras thread

Per the Cleveland Plain Dealer, March, 2008

REF: Cleveland's traffic camera sites listed - Cleveland.com

Locations for active, stationary cameras, according to City Hall. Parenthetical notations denote direction-of-enforcement.

2100 block West Boulevard (northbound)

8800 block Broadway (eastbound)

6900 block Woodland Avenue (eastbound)

10600 block Clifton Boulevard (eastbound and westbound)

4701 Chester Avenue (westbound)

East 116th Street at Shaker Boulevard (southbound)

Shaker Boulevard at East 116th (eastbound)

East 131st Street at Harvard Avenue (northbound)

Union Avenue at East 116th (westbound)

Euclid Avenue and Mayfield - deactivated (more updates below)

Chester at Euclid Avenue (southbound) - deactivated (more updates below)

Fulton Road at Memphis Avenue (northbound and southbound)

East 55th Street at Carnegie Avenue (southbound)

Carnegie at East 55th Street (westbound)

Carnegie at East 30th Street (eastbound)

Carnegie at Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (westbound)

Carnegie at East 100th Street (eastbound)

Pearl Road at Biddulph Avenue (northbound and southbound)

St. Clair Avenue at London Avenue (eastbound)

Grayton Road at Interstate 480 East (northbound)

Grayton at I-480 West (southbound)

Lake Shore Boulevard at East 159th Street (eastbound)

Warren Road at South Marginal Drive (northbound)

South Marginal at Warren (eastbound)

West Boulevard at Interstate 90 E (northbound)

Cedar Avenue at Murray Hill Road (eastbound)

Prospect Avenue at East 40th Street (westbound)

Shaker Boulevard at Shaker Square NW (westbound)

Chester at East 71st Street (eastbound and westbound)

West Boulevard at North Marginal Drive (southbound)

North Marginal at West Boulevard (westbound)

[Two] other locations on the list - on Lee Road between Tarkington Avenue and the Interstate 480 ramp and at Interstate 90 and West 41st and 44th streets - have legislative approval, but no actual cameras yet.
The above data was sent to Al at SpeedCheetah/Trinity as of April/May, 2008.

The article also cites:

If the city adds a location, by the way, it must issue a press release at least 30 days in advance. A warning period, which can run concurrently with the 30-day notice, must last for at least two weeks before tickets can be issued.
To which, I'm now (September 27, 2008) updating that two of the above cameras are being removed, due to the Euclid Corridor project.

The cameras are being removed from the Euclid and Chester avenues intersection and the Euclid Avenue and Mayfield Road intersection.

Their replacements will be placed at the following locations -->

- Lakeshore Boulevard at East 159th Street (westbound)
Note: There is an existing camera on the eastbound side
Rationale: "heavy pedestrian traffic"

- Carnegie Avenue at East 30th Street (westbound lanes)
Note: There is an existing camera on the eastbound side of the intersection.
Rationale: "high accident area"

According to law, the newly installed cameras cannot be used to issue violations to offenders for at least 30 days. Warning notices may be issued to motorists beginning October 1st, 2008, and this grade-period will last for a minimum of two weeks.

REF: 2 Red Light Cameras Moving To New Location - News Story - WEWS Cleveland

REF: City of Cleveland - Press Releases - City of Cleveland
Official City Press-Release

REF: Cleveland moves red light cameras - Real-Time News - Cleveland.com

I will be informing Al, in the next few minutes, of these updates.


Also noted in the originally referenced Plain Dealer article:

...signs must be posted warning drivers that they're approaching a camera. Check city ordinance 413.031 from time to time for updates. (Go to clevelandcitycouncil.org and click on codified ordinances.) Drivers can also be photographed from mobile cameras in marked police cars.
Finally, here's something that may be of some interest to those of you with GPS devices:

Red Light Cameras - CaseWiki

Note that I do not know who constructed this particular Wiki, nor of the validity of their inputs. I also do not know if the Speed-on-Green setups are actually currently being used or enforced.

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