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steagall1000 2008-01-30 00:54

Automated Red lights Cameras
Craig or Veil Guy,

Please answer this one for me. If you go to LaserCraft, Inc. -- Sensing The Future You will see between the police officer and the public safety guy a Laser speed measurement Box up on a poll. This system is set up to take your speed if you run a red light or even a green light over the posted speed limit. This same laser/speed camera system are at every other intersection in gwinnett county. I accidently ran a yellow light at 54 mph in a 45 mph zone. It set off my Blinder M-25 and V1 with the laser hit. My question is this. Can the Blinder M-25 jam the laser and allow it not to take a picture. If I did jam the laser box on the poll, does that mean no picture of my tag was taken???

Georgia Boy :hmmmm2:

Veil Guy 2008-01-30 01:48


I would certainly defer to Craig on this one for an informed response, however, my educated guess would be that if the sensing mechanism is located high up and off-angle that the likelihood of any effect would be essentially nil, especially if one considers that pulse-rates of like not being used, per se, to obtain vehicle speeds but, I believe merely serve as a motion "trip-wire" to replace otherwise induction loops which would otherwise be located under the road's surface.

Again, though, I believe CP will be in a better position to provide an authorative response to your query, as he is closer to this technology than I.

Veil Guy :driver:

steagall1000 2008-01-30 03:52

Ok craig your Up:)
Thanks veil guy for your reply. Maybe craig can help me alittle on this one.


Craig 2008-01-30 20:28


The laser's frequency can be detected and jammed by a Blinder or any well-designed unit. But the laser in LaserCraft's speed camera operates from an angle. This dramatically limits detection range and also requires a jammer to transmit a very wide beam to have any effect. But that's not how they're designed.

So I'd be very surprised if you can jam it unless the jammer's effective beam width exceeds 25 degrees.


Veil Guy 2008-01-30 21:13

Additional Laser Jammer Head

Could one mount a laser jammer transponder (or multiple laser jammers) on at an inclination that would be effective at these greatly increased off-axis angles?

I believe the Blinder Extreme laser jammers come with a miniature level. Perhaps that could assist in an appropriate alignment.

Veil Guy :driver:

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