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fastfist2 2008-11-11 12:12

Newcomer is feeling overwhelmed and needs a starting point.
I am not sure if this is in the correct forum or not so please advise if I need to move or whatever.

I am new to the whole field and am finding some great information, thank you to all for your posts.

This radar/laser/jammer/etc/etc. field seems pretty intense for a newbie. I was wondering if some people could assist in a starting guide to what one would need to produce a good overall protection system w/out breaking the bank which seems pretty easy to do if one does not know all the details and efficiencies.

I know that a radar/laser detector would be first. Are there devices that do this and jam and have detector/detectors too? Or what does one need to look for for overall coverage. This would be my first step.

Next I see veil and other protection systems to limit the amount of vulnerability. I understand that aspect but it seems personal preference takes a pretty high priority in these fields. Is there a comparison list of different products and what there purposes are? I think this might be a good topic to help newcomers such as myself, to get a starting point in this field.

Thanks all and again I apologize if this is covered somewhere but I just did not see.

SheltonJ 2008-11-11 20:35

There is a lot of information here, and it can be a bit much to digest it all at once. So lets start with some basics.
1. There are radar detectors. Lots of choices here, lots of high strung opinion. Wide variation in budget, features, ergonomics, sensitivity, etc. etc.
Bottom line, you get what you pay for and personal preference plays a large role. Your personal driving style can also have a huge impact here. The closer to the edge of the envelope you tend to drive the more you need to spend here, and the more you should learn about behavioral things that can help your odds significantly.
2. Laser detectors. Many radar detectors (rd for short) have laser detection capability. Very few of them have enough sensitivity to pick up the very narrow (compared to radar) beam with any reliability. Even those that do, mostly alert you to the fact that you have just qualified to receive a speeding ticket. The acquisition time is short enough that you are already toast. Still, they are useful to learn where LIDAR traps live and learn to recognize them in advance, but not to actually avoid an unexpected speed trap. The Valentine 1 and a few others in that price range are sensitive enough, but you are still already done for.
3. Radar Jammers. Due to FCC regulations, there is (legally anyway) no such thing.
4. LIDAR Jammers. Since these emit light, they are regulated by the FDA (can't be putting peoples eyes out with those things!). These exist and work very well. They also function as LIDAR detectors, but generally as a side effect of announcing that they are jamming something. Goal number one is to give you enough time to slow down. Once you have slowed, the jammer should be disabled to allow the nice LEO the opportunity to measure your (now legal) speed. A lot of people focus on Jam To Gun (JTG) performance. If you get really focused on this area you can determine the importance of this criteria for yourself. Jammer installation is critical, both in terms of placement and alignment. A poorly installed jammer will work poorly, if at all, even if it is one of the best on the market.
Picking a jammer is one of the more complex tasks, based on your overall goals, budget, car, zodiac sign and political party. :fight:
5. Passive LIDAR counter measures. This includes Laser Veil and various license plate protectors. In general these work by making your car (or certain parts of it) less shiny in the infra-red portion of the spectrum that LIDAR uses. This is an application of some of the principles behind stealth technology. Limitations include the size, shape, color of your car and the skill with which you apply the products. Reports indicate that for some cars, this combined with a laser detecting RD can give you a fighting chance. Generally considered to be complementary with jammers.
6. Red light cameras. A fairly new threat, the countermeasures for these are all basically a GPS system tied to a database of red light cameras. It tells you when you are coming up one. Some rds include this capability. Virtually unknown in some areas, but horribly common in others. The trend is that they will be everywhere, perhaps by the middle of next week. :ahhhhh:

So you need to know your budget, the threats in your area (do they use LIDAR much? Red light cameras? Instant-on?), the rules in your area (are rds illegal, necessitating RDD invisible RDs?) and your vehicle (shiny monster trucks are harder to stealth than dark pointy sports cars).

Lots of information out there, your budget will determine what kinds of counter measures you can afford. A full out RD/Jammer/Veil/GPS based system could easily run you 1500-3000 depending on choices.
In some parts of the country that could be recovered by avoiding 2-3 tickets.

SCGT 2008-11-11 22:23

I've been searching for 2 weeks and seem to be getting more and more confused. :banghead:



SheltonJ 2008-11-12 10:06

Start at the end and work backwards. This means you should figure out what you are trying to accomplish and then educate yourself to be able to achieve that goal.
Specific questions are always easier for the forum to respond to.

TSi+WRX 2008-11-12 11:14

^ That's excellent advice.

Start backwards - set a budget (and note if your budget is flexible, and by how much you can "flex"), determine what kind of protection you're looking for, and whether or not you are willing to undertake passive protective measures (and to what extent you are willing to compromise to pursue such).

The technical questions are easy. Facts answer those. :)

It's your personal preferences and your unique needs that becomes the harder match, and is typically also the cause of more confusion - as well as sleepless nights, as you debate over the pros and cons.

But alas, that second part, no-one can really help you with. You simply have to make the decision, yourself. :biggrin: Being a reasoning adult, sucks - you have no-one but yourself to blame for the mistakes you make. :eviltongue:

I'd much rather be a toddler! :p

My daughter says that we "boss her around" all the time, but heck, she's got all her important life-decisions taken care of! ;)

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