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steagall1000 2008-01-24 17:56

Veil Guy, Question???
Hey Veil guy,

I have a question on laser Guns. What is the real difference between the Pro laser III and Pro laser II. Everyone laughs when i tell them I test with a Pro II. Is their a real difference?? Just because police departments may not use the Pro laser II anymore, is it still a good Laser gun for testing?

Georgia Boy :)

Craig 2008-01-25 12:37

Hey Georgia Boy:

Both Kustom Signals lasers were designed and manufactured by LaserCraft, who also did the Pro III and Pro Lite models.

The Pro II was a vast improvement over the first-generation Pro I and, except for its 4.5-pound weight (1 pound came from the power cord alone), it proved to be a much better performer and a more reliable unit that its predecessor.

When I conducted the world's first laser jammer tests in 1994, among other models I used a Pro I and Pro II and found the Pro II on par with the LTI 20-20/Marksman model in its resistance to jammers.

I haven't seen a Pro II in service in years (the Pro III superseded it in 1997) but it'll still get the job done. The Pro III's PRF, power output, performance and other variables differ, but testing against the Pro II will still give you a valid indication of a laser jammer's capabilities.

steagall1000 2008-01-25 19:18

Thanks Craig :)
Man I really appreciate your response to this. Everyone tells me the Pro Laser II is not a good gun to use versus the Pro laser III and LTI. Thank you so much on clearing that up for me. Hey by the way are you going to be at SEMA in vegas this year?? If so I look forward to meeting you.


Georgia Boy :tee:

Veil Guy 2008-01-26 11:48


I think the real value proposition to the Kustom Signals Pro Laser III (Kustom Pro III) are its diminutive size and weight, simplified use in the field (relative to the Kustom Pro II police laser gun), self-contained battery power without cords (pretty novel in '97).

While it's my understanding the Kustom Pro II's are seen more readily abroad (like in South Africa) its not out of the question that these and other older police lasers are still being used [to issue tickets] today in parts of the US.

In the case of Laser Technology, their much older tank-like LTI 20-20/LTI Marksman guns are still being actively used in the state of NJ even though they have long been superceded by the likes of the LTI Ultralyte series including the LTI Ultralyte 100LR, LTI Ultralyte 100LRB, and LTI Ultralyte 200LRB police lasers.

A New Jersey state trooper recently told me that the older LTI 20-20 is proving more durable in the field (where police radar and police laser guns can take a bit of a beating) so they are being re-tasked. I knew this to be true, as he had targeted my vehicle with it moments earlier.

Just because some police lasers are older doesn't mean they're not as lethal or should be disregarded.

BTW, its going to very interesting to see how Laser Tech's brand-new smaller hand-held police laser gun, the TruSpeed fairs against the Kustom Pro-Lite and/or Kustom Pro-Lite+ police laser which retail for at least $500 more than the new small and weatherized LTI TruSpeed police lasers, personally I think I prefer the aiming of hand-held gun designs over the binocular designs of the Kustom Prolites or the older German-made Jenoptik Laveg police lasers, even though the optics on that bad-boy were the most impressive I have ever seen.

Veil Guy :driver:

steagall1000 2008-01-27 13:09

Craig or Veil Guy
I found this on a police officer website. I found it interesting because it falls into laser jammers that apparently don't work on the market today. This would be a good example of the rocky mountain radar laser jammers or old K-40 units. See statement below. Especially #1, is this surprising to you guys. Craig you use to be a officer correct? Does this sound about right.

Georgia Boy :smokin:

Join Date: Oct 2001
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Posts: 3,275 Despite the clumsy way in which you've asked the question, I'll do my best to answer.

To my knowledge as a WI PO, there is currently no WI state statute that specifically prohibits laser jammers per se (radar jammers, as was mentioned previously, are federally prohibited). I cannot speak for MN law or any other state in which you might be traveling.

Even ignoring for a moment the ethical reasons for not purchasing an item that is essentially designed to evade detection of law breaking, I would avoid purchasing one for the following reasons:

1. The only ones who seem to be able to prove they work are the companies selling them. I've seen no impartial studies showing they are in any way effective. I personally have used LIDAR to stop and ticket several people with laser jammers. One guy complained that I must be lying about acquiring him with the laser, as he just installed a laser jammer. NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE BAD GUYS -- This is a bad idea.

2. Though you may not be able to be ticketed for the jammer itself, a creative officer with a well-crafted report could certainly make a case for Interfering with a Law Enforcement Officer, a more serious offense than a simple traffic ticket.

3. If I know you have a laser jammer and can't ticket you for that, I'm sure as he11 going to be able to find plenty of other things to ding your for. I treat them like radar detectors -- yes they're not illegal, but if I see one all discretion just went out the window.

Let me conclude by saying this: Don't waste your money. Drive the speed limit. He11, drive within 10 mph of the posted limit and you're probably going to be fine in 99.9% of the jurisdictions around the country (there's always the occasional trooper or traffic enforcement officer who's having a bad day). Why borrow trouble just so you can go a little faster?
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