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TSi+WRX 2008-09-27 17:36

Cleveland, Ohio - area (including suburbs) traps/info.
Just wanted to set up a thread for fellow Forum members around the metro-Cleveland area.


I'll try to add to this as best I can.

TSi+WRX 2008-09-27 17:41

From the "Radar bands by town" thread (OP: kpatz of RD.net)
Radar Bands by Town - updated 7/15/08 - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

Ohio (thanks, bearcat, StlouisX50, Sethy, jtslmn720, and 4DRDUBBIN)

Adams County: Instant On X,Instant On K, Ultralite Hwy 32
Beavercreek: Laser, X
Brown County: Instant on X,Instant On K, Ultralite Hwy 32
Centerville: Laser, KA
Cincinnati: KA, K, Laser[Ultralyte]
Clearcreek: KA, X, K, Laser
Clermont County: Instant On Ka, Instant on X, Instant on K, PL III, Ultralite Hwy 32
Cleveland - Beachwood Township: Ka constant
Cleveland - Highland Hills: Ka C/O, K C/O and I/O, Laser (@ TriC campus--Richmond & Harvard)
Cleveland - Lindale Township (off I-71): Ka constant [Big speed trap along I-71, shut down to PSL for this little stretch.]
Cleveland - Orange Township: Ka C/O and I/O (35.5, 34.7, and 33.8), Laser; note that they'll typically have a K-band drone out for appx. one to two weeks before they selectively enforce that same stretch of roadway
Cleveland - Shaker Heights: Ka, K C/O & I/O, Laser (LTI 20/20, possibly UL), please add "K I/O" to current threat list.
Cleveland - Warrensville Heights: Ka
Cleveland - Woodmere Village: Ka constant [All of Woodmere Village is a speed-trap, just shut it down to PSL.]
Cleveland (city): K, Ka, Laser
Cleveland Heights: K C/O & IO, Ka I/O, (possible) POP [All of Cleveland Heights is a speed-trap, just shut it down to PSL.]
Copley: Laser
Dayton: K, KA, X
Fairborn: X, KA
Fairview Park: Laser [See North Olmstead entry below.]
Grandview Heights: Laser [PLIII, LTI]
Hamlton: K, KA
Miamisburg: K, KA
Middletown: K
Moreland Hills: Laser
North Olmstead: Laser [Recommend shutting down to PSL on I-480 near Grayton underpass.]
Parma - Ka-constant
Richfield/Bath: K, Ka (BEE III, possible POP), Laser [Stalker]
Russell: Laser
Springboro: K, KA
Springdale: Laser
Washington Township: Laser
Williams County: Laser
Winchester: As soon as you hit the boarder of Adams they use Instant On K from a small town on 32 Hwy



Ohio State Highway Patrol not only utilizes LIDAR, but also will utilize X-band (yes, that's right, X-band, that is NOT a typo), even so far as to do so in an "instant-on" fashion.

Aerial VASCAR enforcement is also routine (will link further post at later date).



TSi+WRX 2008-09-27 17:46

From sethy's "List of Laser Guns in what states" thread on RD.net
List of Laser Guns in what states - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

Note here that he listed the prevalence of the LIDAR hardware in-order (information is as of this posting date).....

LTI Ultralyte
LTI Marksman
Pro Laser III
LTI 20/20

Note that Ohio is one of the states cited by several RD.net Forum members as being an early contract for the new LTI TruSpeed police LIDAR.

So far, there has been only one confirmed sighting of the TruSpeed, in southern Ohio.

I fully expect TruSpeed to be seen in Ohio, in the VERY near future.

TSi+WRX 2008-09-27 17:59

Cleveland Heights

North Park Blvd. @

- Roxboro (east of the school's ballpark/track fence for concealment

- Fairfax Rd., just SE of the Coventry Rd. intersection (this one actually not infrequently sees the use of their sole previous-generation Ford Explorer, which is an anomaly in terms of its visual threat profile)

- Brook Rd., immediately SE of Coventry Rd., at Shaker Lakes Park (usually will sit well within park entrance Y for concealment

Fairmount Blvd.

- Fairfax (typically enforcing west-bound traffic - may be upwards of two cruisers during peak enforcement periods)

- Median between Fairfax and Arlington intersections (especially under cover of darkness as the street-light coverage there is spotty, note that the cruiser may or may not have its parking lights engaged)

- N.Woodland/Stratford "Y" (typically enforcing east-bound traffic)

Cedar Rd. and Grandview (parking lot of Firestone Tires)

@ 3-Way Stop
- Targeted Enforcement Zone up/down Edgehill ( PSL 25, will ticket for even 27 )
- 3-Way Stop enforcement (typically sits back in parking lot of The College Club, which would not be visible to traffic on either Edgehill NE or Derbyshire SW unless they were to look, specifically, to check this hidden spot

Mayfield Rd.
- between Coventry and Superior (PSL 25, multiple hiding areas with good non-LEO "false"-source clutter for cover; I recommend simply doing the PSL in this area as it's barely a half-mile in total length)

Note that Cleveland Heights *may* have POP-enabled equipment. However, if they do use POP, they will also switch over to K/Ka band to get a proper lock before committing to a traffic stop. As such, using a rabbit (i.e. on sections of Fairmount listed above), one should receive plenty of warning, even without consideration to POP.

In the vast majority of these suburbs, the density of non-LEO "false" sources is so high and strong - including the predominance of Cobra RDs - that running with POP-enabled on your detector would likely drive you mad. It's worth it to just run with POP-off to restore both sanity and faith in your detector, and to speed-smart using a rabbit.

Cleveland Heights typically utilizes Instant-On Ka or K, with preceded strong visual tracking.


Highland Hills, off Richmond and Harvard roads (with the Marriott hotel and Tri-C (community college) campus serving as landmarks in that area), is a heavy enforcement area. East-bound on Harvard, going towards the I-271 interchange is a 50 MPH PSL slowing to a 35 MPH PSL as you crest the hill just west of Robert Bishop Dr. (east of Tri-C. campus).

K-band constant-on, but it's oftentimes cloaked by the strong "false"/non-LEO source coming from the hotel's (and adjacent shopping center) door openers. LIDAR enforcement (sorry, unconfirmed equipment) is occasionally seen during rush-hour, and infrequently weekends, on the east-bound stretch of Harvard Rd., just as you crest the hill after the Robert Bishop Rd./Dr. traffic intersection/light. Typical engagement distances here will be short of 500 ft., so be careful!

This particular trap can also be set-up in the copious turn-lane median at each corner of the Harvard/Richmond intersection, as well as at the Robert Bishop Dr. intersection (off Harvard).

On Chagrin Blvd. bounded by Warrensville/Van Aken/Northfield Rds to the west and Green Rd. to the east, you'll find the Highland Hills Cemetery. These two entrances (one for the cemetery proper - at Belvoir (opposite the flower/landscaping shop - and the other one further east-bound, for the maintenance/service entrance, about a quarter-mile west of Green Rd.) are prime enforcement spots, particularly *during* high-traffic hours. The PSL is 35, but I've seen them letting vehicles "slide" at nearly 7+.

The following is courtesy of fellow Shaker resident and hobbyist TheWGP, from RD.net - although this truly belongs in the "Shaker Heights" section below, I have duplicated here as it's within such close proximity:


Originally Posted by TheWGP
Also, I'm glad to see you mentioned the Highland Hills cemetery. However, right BEFORE that, I've recently seen a black and white sitting in the parking lot on the right side as you go out of Shaker Heights on Chagrin. There's a Club Fit in the building, I think it's called Chagrin Professional Building or something like that - across the street-ish from National City.

I've seen this twice, once with someone pulled over right after the parking lot so I assume that's where they came from. I suspect it's just the Shaker PD wanting to snag people right before they exit the city limits, since everyone pretty much starts to speed up a bit coming out of that Chagrin-Van Aken-Warrensville-Northfield intersection?

Harvard Rd., between Northfield Rd. and Green Rd. The trap of-concern is at the traffic light at Millcreek Blvd., which is the restricted entrance/exit to the correctional facility (second traffic light east of the Northfield intersection, first traffic light west of the Green Rd. intersecton. The trap is set very far back into the Millcreek side-street, so this trap is rather well-hidden for the un-initiated in this area; typically K-band constant on (instant-on also encountered, but not frequently so). PSL is 50 MPH, so you'd really have to be haulin' in order to garner the locals' attention.....

Note that Highland Hills recently acquired Ka-band equipment, and I observed them using this in a roving, constant-on manner. They still very much prefer K-band, though.


Lindale Township sees an appx. 1000 ft. stretch of highway that's a vital artery between the airport and the Eastern townships. Just pull to the outside lanes and do the PSL as you enter into her proximity, and you'll be fine. They're usually right under the overpass that's inside their township. Cruising at PSL, you'll, be through their jurisdiction in no-time, so it's worth the time trade-off.


Orange Township favors roving Ka-instant-on.

During fair-weather, they will shoot LIDAR (equipment unconfirmed, sorry) from within stationary cruisers.

Harvard Road , appx. half-way between western boundary of the Orange Place drive traffic light and eastern boundary of the Brainard Rd. intersection. This would be the "gated" entrance area (two lane divided-median roadway) to Orange Township. The enforcer (either their usual full-marked dark-gray Crown Vic. Interceptors or, more recently, a lighter-gray, low-profile current-model Chevy Impala, described on the first post on page 3, the one noted to include subdued lettering and utilizing a "mini" format light-bar) will sit either in the median, in the treeline, or off to the eastbound (into Orange, from Beachwood) side of the divided roadway, with what seems to be selective enforcement of only EASTBOUND traffic.

There is occasional enforcement on Harvard, east of the Brainard Rd. intersection, just east of the Orangewood subdivision entry. Enforcement campagins will begin with a stationary K-band speed drone, followed about a week later by actual enforcement patrols using Ka-band, typically constant-on. You can also expect this spot to occasionally (perhaps once quarterly) see "random" Ka constant-on enforcement; even coming from the east, as you hit the big hill at the Lander 4-way stop, you should still be able to pick up a strong Ka signal during enforcement.

On Lander Rd, aside from the Orange Township Firehouse/PD (east of Emery Rd. intersection), the main enforcement spot is the municiple service building just east of the Harvard intersection.

The stretch of Miles Rd., west-bound, entering Orange from Moreland Hills, is a favorite spot for LIDAR enforcement. Engagement distances are typically from about 500 ft. to 1000 ft.

Orange typically does not "discriminate" in terms of how it enforces, so even if you drive a stealthy minivan, watch-out. PSL is typically 35, with the exception of actual residential side-streets - and usually, up to 5+ is "allowed."


Shaker Heights uses mostly marked black-and-white Crown Vics using constant-on K. However, there is at least one all-black Crown Vic with a single low-profile blue bubble atop its roof that selectively runs speed patrols, and will occasionally utilize Ka and Ka I/O. There's also a white Chevy Suburban which runs speed patrol, I have not been able to verify its usage band(s).

Beware of Shaker Blvd. within Shaker Heights limits. Motorcycle enforcement w/LIDAR can occasionally be seen. PSL is 35, and unless you're in a typically "profiled" vehicle, you should be able to get away with anything under 40 MPH. - Special note: There is a member here who recently fought (and won) a LIDAR ticket in Shaker Heights (on Shaker Blvd.), and he saw that the officer was using the LTI 20/20. However, the township also has the Ultralyte and Marksman manuals on-file.

Warrensville Ctr. Rd., bounded by the intersection of Chagrin Blvd. to the north and Norwood Rd. (and the US Post Office) to the south. This is a 25 MPH PSL zone (transitioning from 35 MPH, northbound on Warrensville - this is an easy-bust and the chief enforcement scenario), and is routinely enforced by Shaker Heights PD, typically in marked black-and-whites. They'll usually sit in the driveway of the businesses lining the west side of Warrensville Rd. in this area, and are thus well-concealed, particularly when operating K-band instant-on (as there's noted falsing sources from the adjacent retail stores in the area). 10+ is a guaranteed ticket.

At the messy intersection between Chagrin Blvd., Warrensville Ctr. Rd., and Northfield Rd., typically in the median to the south (Northfield side, near the BP station, opposite to the Starbucks), SHPD will post their dark-colored "unmarked" CV. Again, the PSL here, on all three intersecting streets, is 25 MPH.

The following are courtesy of fellow Shaker resident and hobbyist TheWGP


Originally Posted by TheWGP
Also, I'm glad to see you mentioned the Highland Hills cemetery. However, right BEFORE that, I've recently seen a black and white sitting in the parking lot on the right side as you go out of Shaker Heights on Chagrin. There's a Club Fit in the building, I think it's called Chagrin Professional Building or something like that - across the street-ish from National City.

I've seen this twice, once with someone pulled over right after the parking lot so I assume that's where they came from. I suspect it's just the Shaker PD wanting to snag people right before they exit the city limits, since everyone pretty much starts to speed up a bit coming out of that Chagrin-Van Aken-Warrensville-Northfield intersection?



Originally Posted by TheWGP
Van Aken between Onaway and maybe a couple of roads down from the big Chagrin intersection - a black & white or sometimes the "bubble" black car will hang out in a driveway or similar. I see them once in awhile, usually with a sportier car pulled over. This location is VERY close to the PD (at lee & van aken)....

The following is courtesy of another fellow Shaker resident and hobbyist on RD.net, BlackOnBlackCobra96


Originally Posted by BlackOnBlackCobra96
I was on S.Woodland going east and the cop was east of Warrensville Center Road, parked in someone's driveway. I believe that there was a crest and the officer was using instant on Ka, as my V1 gave no warning.


Woodmere Village is situated between Beachwood and Orange townships, on Chagrin Rd., off I-271. That entire stretch of Chagrin Rd. within its borders (Eaton Shopping Center) is a MAJOR speed-trap. The PSL is 25 MPH. DO NOT EXCEED THE PSL, no matter what other people may do, it's just not worth it.



BlackOnBlackCobra96 contributed the following valuable tip:


Originally Posted by BlackOnBlackCobra96
Also on I-480 west of the airport (North Olmstead, etc.) has many laser traps where the officers hide in shadows underneath bridges and over hillcrests. East of the airport, enforcement is sparse.

4DRDUBBIN, another RD.net hobbyist, further adds some extremely valuable West-Side tips:


Originally Posted by 4DRDUBBIN
North Olmsted speed traps, it is the tale of two cities - Fairview Park and North Olmsted . As you go under the Grayton underpass (going I-480 West) you have close to 1/10 mile roughly before you hit a bend - you make the turn and guess who is painting you from the median. Your best defense is get close to the shoulder and go PSL.

Also, they do run it a little different sometime. As you go under Grayton underpass going West again, look up in the field past the Hilton Garden Hotel on Grayton - there will be a marked car calling ahead to another unit as he paints you or alerts his buddy to paint you.

My advice, just shut it down through North Olmsted because they also run laser on the Eastbound lane. They will swap sides numerous times per day, morning commute and afterwork commute.

On 480, you are pretty safe from Tiedeman all the way out to Grayton.


Ka constant from Parma marked cars. Parma has new Chevys, Impalas and Tahoes. The still roll some Vics.

My first run in was turning from Ridge Road onto Pearl (Mr. Chicken is at the corner) going South. I got some small X and K clatter from the Walgreens and Rite Aid at the intersection and then Ka blew up!!! I looked down Pearl and he was sitting facing South picking off people going North toward the Ridge Intersection because PSL changes from 35 to 25 very quick past Snow Rd. There are some dips in Pearl, this is a great location to pick people off. His location was a little bit down from the Blue Moose.

25 MPH signs are posted on both Ridge and Pearl coming from I-480 - just be careful, sometimes a Bike picks people off in the summer right after you get past Brookpark.

TSi+WRX 2008-09-27 18:45

Orange Township.

New enforcement vehicle spotted: late model -GREY- (Silverstone Metallic?) Chevy Impala with small dome light (akin to Code 3 "Low-Profile Halogen Mini-Bar," Whelen "Halogen Responder II" or Galls "Mini Light Bar" - its exterior appearance was totally clear) utilizing new-generation subdued lettering/graphics of VERY closely matched color to the vehicle body, with dark tinted windows all-around.

The vehicle was parked at the eastbound gateway on Harvard road, entering Orange Township from Beachwood.

I was not able to verify its use of RADAR/LIDAR. The vehicle did not operate any detectable speed measurement device at the time I came upon it.

This particular enforcement position is a posted 35 MPH zone from all surrounding roadways, and in my humble opinion, is a FAIR enforcement spot due to the roadside residences.

I am merely pointing out the very stealthy new enforcement vehicle ( Anna was unable to identify it as a police car! :hmmmm2: ).

Be careful out there!

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