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Exclamation Driving News Roundup: August 11, 2016

NMA Article: Driving News Roundup: August 11, 2016

This is a regular feature on the NMA Blog, where we highlight some of the most interesting driving news stories of the week.

Texas: Kaufman County Commissioners’ Court seeks termination of school zone camera program, agree to proposed settlement

The Kaufman County Commissioners’ Court voted Monday to seek the termination of a school zone and bus stop-arm camera program and, with it, a proposed settlement package. The program has drawn mixed reviews since its inception in April 2014 and deployment later that year.

Washington: Seattle driver fights school zone camera ticket… and wins

Commuters traveling through Montlake on 24th Avenue, may have a ticket in their mailbox.Traffic enforcement is up and one man said the city is running an unfair operation. So he fought his ticket, and won. “I was following my normal commuter path and I made the turn,” said Peter Folkins, describing his usual route. He was headed into Montlake on 24th Avenue East when the flashes went off.

Minnesota: Citations Show St. Anthony Police Stopped Black Drivers Disproportionately

The police killing of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights has forced police departments to take a closer look at racial inequality. And WCCO took a hard look at warnings and citations given by the St. Anthony Police Department. They patrol St. Anthony, Falcon Heights and Lauderdale, where the population is roughly 79 percent white, 6 percent black.

Senators warn connected cars create privacy risks

What if your car could talk? What might it say about you? Would it gossip with other cars or divulge your secrets to your spouse, your employer, the police or, maybe even worse, advertisers? Well, your car can’t talk — yet — but new technology is increasingly giving cars the ability to communicate with each other and, potentially, with anyone who’s equipped with the technology to engage them in what passes for car talk.

Illinois: New Law Requires Students to Learn How to Handle Being Stopped by Police

There’s about to be one more thing for soon-to-be drivers in Illinois to know for their driver’s education class. A new state law will require schools, both public and private, to teach driver’s education students how to react when they are pulled over by police.

Oklahoma: Turnpikes collect record amount of toll money, state does not profit from toll revenue

If you’ve ever traveled outside of Tulsa by car, chances are you’ve had to take a turnpike. It’s difficult to not encounter a toll road in Oklahoma, where more than 600 miles of pay-to-drive roads stretch the state. Turnpike critics are calling the state’s toll roads a scam— and groups rallying for an end to the turnpike authority are gaining momentum.

California: Pre-Crime Database: Just Parking HERE Makes You Part of a Criminal Investigation

If you park your car in Newport Beach, police will likely scan your license plate with an automated license plate reader (ALPR). According to police, this automatically makes you the subject of a criminal investigation.

Texas: State Senators Grill Dallas Co. Schools Over Pricey Bus Camera Ticket Program

Some Texas state senators have tough questions for the man in charge of Dallas County Schools. At issue: how the district spent millions of your money on a pricey school bus camera program.

Massachusetts: What those gantries on the Pike are secretly doing

The array of devices on the large, new metal gantries you’ve been driving under along the Massachusetts Turnpike will soon be electronically collecting tolls. But they are already quietly capturing and storing information on how fast you’ve been driving.

Texas: Driver petitions for changes to avoid major toll fees

Now that the petition has reached more than 10,000 signatures, Norman is preparing letters to send to the governor and other state lawmakers to get everybody in one room to figure out how to address the issues on the toll road; he experienced a problem himself. “TxDOT under their law, deactivated my toll tag.”

California: Could formally legalize lane splitting for motorcycle riders

At least two people have died in motorcycle crashes over the last few days and data shows the over-all number of motorcycle accidents are on the rise. One of those deadly accidents happened when a motorcyclists was riding between lanes. A controversial maneuver, lane splitting, is getting the attention of lawmakers. This is when motorcyclists zip between cars. California is poised to officially legalize it.

Texas: Dallas Councilman Continues to Fight Red-Light Cameras

A Dallas City Councilman hopes a recent court ruling will help in his fight against red-light cameras. Philip Kingston said the cameras are nothing more than a revenue ploy and they don’t increase public safety.

New Jersey: Drinking Coffee While Driving Could Soon Be Illegal

Lawmakers want to stop distracted driving by banning anything that takes your hands off a steering wheel, including eating, drinking coffee. They’re pushing a bill, A-1908, that specifically prohibits a driver from engaging in any activity not related to the operation of the vehicle.

California: The Fine for Rolling Through a Red Light May Decrease, Making Crosswalks More Dangerous

The state assembly is mulling S.B. 986, a bill that would lower the fine of blowing a right through a red light without stopping from $100 to $35. Sounds like a win, except that bike and pedestrian activists says it will encourage dangerous driving and put those in the crosswalk at even more risk.

Virginia: Suspends Hundreds of Thousands of Driver’s Licenses Due to Unpaid Court Debt

“Driver’s license suspension is Virginia’s form of a debtors’ prison,” Angela Ciolfi, a senior attorney at the Legal Aid Justice Center, said in a statement.

Utah: CDC wants earlier curfew for new drivers, some say it’s unrealistic

For over a decade there’s been a night-time driving restriction for new drivers, 16 to 17-years-old in Utah. That time restriction is currently from midnight to 6 a.m. but a new report released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is asking states to consider an earlier curfew.

To see more stories like the ones above, check out our NMA Driving News site. Each weekday we update the site with news stories that are interesting and/or informative for drivers like you.

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