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NMA Reporter 2016-08-19 05:05

Redflex, ATS and Red Means Stop Recruit Young Sockpuppeteer with Fake Twitter Followi
<b>Camera Fraud Article: Redflex, ATS and Red Means Stop Recruit Young Sockpuppeteer with Fake Twitter Following</b><br/><br/><p>The Scamera bandits and their hired apologists like <em>Red Means Stop</em> just can’t seem to help themselves. You may remember that Red Means Stop is bankrolled by Redflex and American Traffic Solutions. It’s so lovely when those two can work together to create nausea inducing phony public awareness campaigns.</p>
<p>Now that more and more courts and politicians have begun to reject ticket scameras, the only tactic left is to indoctrinate the youth, which is just what they’re attempting. The only question is how to find the right person to advocate for organized crime, masquerading as public safety. It looks like the scamera cartel found their gal in Jordan Hibbs. Hibbs is currently in hot water for purchasing almost her entire following on twitter, amounting to 18,000, to boost her profile. Looks like we have a perfect match! Read more below:</p>
<h3><span style="color:#000000;"><a href="http://warondriving.com/post/79801958451/jordan-hibbs-twitter"><span style="color:#000000;">Redflex, ATS Front Group Props up “Political Tool” with Fake Twitter Following</span></a></span></h3>
<p><a title="Jordan Hibbs Red Means Stop" href="http://warondriving.com/post/79801958451/jordan-hibbs-twitter" target="_blank"><strong>WarOnDriving.com</strong></a></p>
<section>The key to getting people hooked on bad habits for life is to start them young. Just ask tobacco and alcohol companies, who notoriously catered their ads to minors for decades.It serves as no surprise then, that a failing industry like photo ticketing would be looking to youthful advocates in an attempt to indoctrinate impressionable go-getters and score a new face for their scam. It looks like a woman named Jordan Hibbs, of ASU, has been snatched up by an <a title="Jordan Hibbs ASU Red Means Stop" href="http://www.jordanhibbs.com/Causes.html" target="_blank">American Traffic Solutions/Redflex front group</a>. As it turns out, she may just be the perfect person to assume their spokes person roll. Jordan admits, she’s not afraid to “fake it” as long as it elevates her status in the process. More on that is coming up.</section>
<h3><strong>Scamera Company Propaganda is a Shadowy Game</strong></h3>
<p>This dark side of propaganda certainly has not escaped red light camera and photo radar companies. In fact, their astroturf front groups like <em>Red Means Stop </em>fill their coffers with hefty donations from the two profit-driven camera vendors, Redflex and American Traffic Solutions. The organization will then advocate for “safe roads,” but conveniently ignore best practices to achieve that goal, like <a href="http://saferstreetsla.org/679/case-studies-longer-yellow-light-times-improve-safety/" target="_blank">longer yellow light times</a>. They  instead claim the only solution is to put up cameras. It’s more than a cozy relationship, it’s dishonest and damaging to the safety goals they claim to advocate.</p>
<div style="width: 510px" class="wp-caption alignnone"><img alt="image" src="https://31.media.tumblr.com/e513f892370d907b63962f34a8ad1f30/tumblr_inline_n2js47G66b1qlm5un.jpg" width="500" height="149" /><p class="wp-caption-text">Sen John McCain with lobbyist group, Red Means Stop</p></div>
<p>Enter Jordan Hibbs, a high profile attendee of Arizona State University. She has amassed what would appear to be quite a following on Social Media, specifically Twitter, where she boasts 18k followers. That high of a number for someone who isn’t a public figure didn’t make sense to one ASU student who did some investigating and pointed out that most of this following was <strong><a title="Jordan Hibbs Twitter following is fake" href="http://intellectualconservative.com/ariz-college-senator-fakes-social-media-following-gets-invited-to-white-house/" target="_blank">fake and probably purchased by Hibbs</a></strong>. Hibbs admitted as much in a mea culpa press release, <strong><a title="Jordan Hibbs Fake Twitter Press Release" href="http://www.jordanhibbs.com/uploads/PressRelease_SocialMedia.pdf" target="_blank">posted on her website</a>.</strong></p>
<p>Admitting you have a problem is the first step, Jordan. But dark times await this young politico, or <strong><a href="http://www.azcentral.com/story/az-dc/2014/03/10/politics-buying-facebook-twitter-followers/6265985/" target="_blank">“Political Tool,”</a></strong> as AZCentral.com called her. She not only still works for Wrong on Red and ATS/Redflex via proxy, but she’s now listed at secretary for the group. If she was truly interested in advocating safe driving, she’d ditch the triangle of fraud that exists between her organization and the two vendors who make money by <a title="Short Florida Yellow Lights" href="http://autos.aol.com/article/florida-yellow-lights-tickets-red/" target="_blank">shortening yellow light times</a> and lying about their <a href="http://thenewspaper.com/news/43/4304.asp" target="_blank">products’ safety record.</a></p>
<div style="width: 510px" class="wp-caption alignnone"><img alt="image" src="https://31.media.tumblr.com/e7db62feeea475fdc32857eae87e21bb/tumblr_inline_n2juuc5BFo1qlm5un.jpg" width="500" height="355" /><p class="wp-caption-text">Hibbs proudly boasts of her role with Astro-turfing Red Means Stop</p></div>
<p>Stick with these folks, Ms. Hibbs, and you can throw any hope of restoring integrity out the window. You’ll be longing for the days that you only had to apologize for buying some fake friends online.</p>
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