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News Domestic/International news and information about speedtraps and [automated] traffic enforcement and associated political activism.

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Old 2016-08-19
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Default Activists Turn Up the Heat on Rogue Legislators; SB 1167 Heads to a Floor Vote

Camera Fraud Article: Activists Turn Up the Heat on Rogue Legislators; SB 1167 Heads to a Floor Vote

From WarOnDriving.com

Arizona Senator Kelli Ward’s bill to ban the practice of Photo Ticketing via red light cameras and photo radar has passed every hurdle it’s faced so far.

However, there are some loud rumblings that not everyone from her Republican Caucus has committed to voting Yes when it inevitably goes to a floor vote. Local activists are none too pleased with this prospect. In fact a scathing email detailing which members are falling out of line was received by us this morning:

When spineless organisms like jellyfish or politicians, who bend to lobbyists like Redflex and ATS, are prodded, an audible *squish* noise can be heard at the contact point.

Unfortunately that’s what can be heard down at the capitol right now emanating from 4 “squishy” Republicans who are on the brink of voting to thwart their own party platform by voting NO on SB 1167. The Republican Party of Arizona voted unanimously to oppose Photo Ticketing Cameras throughout the state.

These 4 Senators threaten to derail Senator Kelli Ward’s bill, SB 1167, which would prohibit these unmanned devices (“SCAMeras”) from being used to issue traffic tickets. While Senator Ward is fearlessly defending both the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions, these squishy Senators appear willing to let bad laws trample all over your rights.

These 4 must be called and emailed immediately:

Senator Nancy Barto (R – LD 15)

nbarto@azleg.gov    (602) 926-5766

Senator Steve Yarbrough (R – LD 17)

syarbrough@azleg.gov    (602) 926-5863

Senator Bob Worsley (R – LD 25)

bworsley@azleg.gov    (602) 926-5760

Senator Adam Driggs (R – LD 28)

adriggs@azleg.gov    (602) 926-3016

Remind them that photo radar and red light cameras violate:

  • 4th Amendment: The cameras scan the license plate and run the MVD data (personal information) of every motorist in Arizona that passes by them, tracking people like cattle. This is an unwarranted search.

  • 5th Amendment: Photo tickets demand a fine be paid, or you face the seizure of capital and possessions without offering due process. It’s simply a rubber stamp by an employee of the company who is collecting the fine.

  • 6th Amendment: There is no way to exercise your right to face your accuser, when the accuser is an unmanned machine.

  • 7th Amendment: There is no option for a trial because they’ve taken that right away from you with photo tickets, even though the fines can go as high as $350 in the state of Arizona.

  • 14th Amendment: Two sets of standards have been created for the same offenses. Red light and speed camera tickets are treated completely differently by the courts, which is a clear violation of your right to equal protection under the laws. And no machine can replace a sworn peace officer conducting traffic stops.

Remind them that Major Police Agencies throughout Arizona support SB 1167 and an end to photo ticketing:

  • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) supports a ban on photo ticketing.

  • Pinal County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) – Sheriff Babeu ended photo ticketing in his county immediately after taking office. He wrote Senator Ward a letter in support of SB 1167.

  • Phoenix Law Enforcement Association voted unanimously last week to support SB 1167.

  • Richard Mack, a former two-term Graham County Sheriff, and current candidate for Navajo County Sheriff has been calling Arizona Senate members in support of SB 1167.

Remind them that study after study proves that INCREASES in accidents are almost always associated with the installation of red light cameras and photo radar systems.


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