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NMA Reporter 2009-01-03 00:44

Photo Radar Ticketing Ends in Pinal County
<b>Camera Fraud Article: Photo Radar Ticketing Ends in Pinal County</b><br/><br/><div class='snap_preview'><br /><div id="attachment_800" class="wp-caption alignright" style="width: 144px"><img class="size-medium wp-image-800" title="babeu" src="http://camerafraud.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/babeu.gif?w=134&h=141" alt="babeu" width="134" height="141" /><p class="wp-caption-text">Incoming Sheriff Paul Babeu has ended photo radar in Pinal County.</p></div>
<p><em>Exclusive</em> - Moments after being sworn in as Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu spoke with CameraFRAUD regarding the fate of photo enforcement in his jurisdiction.</p>
<p><strong><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhF37HmhFuQ" target="_self">UPDATE: Video of interview now on Youtube</a></strong></p>
<p><strong><span style="color:#000000;">CF: Do you think Pinal County is going to be safer without photo enforcement?</span></strong><em><br />
<p><span style="color:#3366ff;">“Yes. We actually met with Redflex, and through some of our discussions they knew very clearly that we were going to end photo radar in Pinal County. </span></p>
<p><span style="color:#3366ff;">I am against it, not only because I’m a strict Constitutionalist, but I believe… it’s driven to create money for the government. It’s corrupting law enforcement for us to be partnered with a private entity that creates revenue—clearly that’s their interest.”</span></p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Babeu continued, <span style="color:#3366ff;">“I’ve never… seen a photo radar camera arrest a drunk driver or arrest a person with a warrant, see if someone has insurance, or to just simply give directions to somebody… </span></p>
<p><span style="color:#3366ff;">So I’m against it, we have ended photo radar for speeding. Photo radar’s last days are now behind us, because they ended on the 1<sup>st</sup> of January.”</span></p>
<p><strong><span style="color:#000000;">CF: How do you feel about the Department of Public Safety putting their roving… speed vans in Pinal County? Do you have any plans on trying to restrict them…?</span></strong></p>
<p><span style="color:#3366ff;"><span style="color:#800000;"><span style="color:#3366ff;">“They are allowed to do that, that is their purview, but I am going to continue to speak out publicly. I’m hopeful that our new governor Jan Brewer will see this issue as it is… </span></span></span></p>
<p><span style="color:#3366ff;"><span style="color:#800000;"><span style="color:#3366ff;">I’ve seen in the last two, three weeks, not only because of [CameraFRAUD’s] efforts but so many citizens that have been speaking out. They’ve had enough. </span></span></span></p>
<p><span style="color:#3366ff;"><span style="color:#800000;"><span style="color:#3366ff;">We’re in a tough economy and at the same time the government is trying to create more revenue— people are trying to pay their bills and go to work so yes, this is an additional tax on hard working men and women. </span></span></span></p>
<p><span style="color:#3366ff;"><span style="color:#800000;"><span style="color:#3366ff;">So I’m hopeful that Jan Brewer ends photo radar statewide.”</span></span></span></p>
<p><span style="color:#3366ff;"><span style="color:#800000;"><span style="color:#3366ff;"><span style="color:#000000;">Babeu did express support for red-light cameras, but did not mention any plans to implement such a system or expand any current deployments. </span><br />
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