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steagall1000 2008-06-14 20:38

New Blinder "J15" and Lasermask Test
Ok Jammer enthusiest,

Were getting ready to test a new Blinder M25 "J15" this week along with a New LaserMask Jammer. This test will consist of a more powerful Blinder M25 "2 head unit" and a newer "4 head" LaserMask Laser jammer that has hit the market. Since the new Escort ZR4 has now hit the market to take top honors in the LED jammers, We think the new Blinder M25 and Lasermask will top the new escort ZR4. I can't wait to see the results. Results will be posted towards the middle of this week. We will be using The Ultralyte LTI 20-20 for this test.



Veil Guy 2008-06-15 01:31

Blinder J15 M25, M45 Laser Jammer Tests
Too bad you don't have other newer guns to test against, as you probably already know, the Stalker LZ1 is one of the most difficult lidar guns to jam, and a good acid test for laser jammer efficiency.

At least you will have a direct comparison, potentially, of the different laser jammers when pitted against the same lidar gun(s).

At any rate, good luck with your laser jammer testing!

Veil Guy :driver:

steagall1000 2008-06-15 02:01

Very true :)
Veil Guy,

How true, I wish I had a Pro laser III and stalker LZ. Atleast it would give me a better idea of how well they perform against each gun. This will be a true test of how well each jammer performs in its own environment. Both are LED jammers, and look very much alike. Speedzones did a test awhile back on the lasermask, and said it was 95% effective against all laser guns it encountered. I just want to see for myself. :)

Veil Guy 2008-06-15 09:37

Blinder M25 J15/M45 J15 vs. Lasermask Laser Jammer Tests

With all due respect to SML, I would take any such claim of absolute percentage of performance capability with a huge grain of salt.


Simple. SML's tests of laser jammers consist of ONE trigger pull at 1000 feet and ONE trigger pull at 500 feet, to determine their numbers.

IMHO, I believe laser jammer tests, like those conducted by the Guys of Lidar, are a much more accurate guage as to the actual capabilities of laser countermeasures.

The most descriptive and informative laser jammer tests, will demonstrate long-distance punchthrus as well as close-range punchthrus (on both the headlights and center mass) against a host of police lasers.

Anything short of that only serves to minimize the differences that exist.

Veil Guy :driver:

steagall1000 2008-06-15 14:14

Testing methods
Veil Guy,

I agree with you on the one trigger pull. Thats why true independent testing is yourself not GOL or speedzones. I go by my own results, GOL's test in the past in my opinion have been very bias over certain brands. Some of them tend to favor a certain type of jammer over another. Another words they show certain favoritism which can result in making one jammer seem better than the others. My definition of real testing is when you get hit by a actual police officer in real world senarios and have enough time to slow down, before getting caught. Knowing how most officers shoot and target day in and day out, the next real test is yourself. Purchasing a laser gun that is used most by police or is a current threat on the Highways today. I'm sure GOL are a great bunch of guys, who take testing seriously. But true independent testing is NO Favoritism in my book. Thats why I want people to come bring their laser jammers over to me who are in the atlanta area for testing. I welcome any type or brand of jammer on the market to test. Again its just my opinion. :)


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