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Streaker 2009-06-25 04:39

ZR4 versus the law
Here follows a true account that happenned last week tuesday, followed by how it was accomplished.

I was driving on the motorway, at a nice relaxed speed, when my zr4 started to scream. Because I was within the speed limit, I just hit the mute button.

About three or four hundred metres further, low and behold the motorway was blocked by a roadblock. I switched the jammer off imediatly. As I got close to the officers, the one tells me to pull over. When asked why I was pulled over he said it was because I was using a jammer at the speed trap.

I proceeded to tell him that I do indead have a jammer fitted but seeing as how it is broken it would be impossible for me to have jammed anything. He asked me to turn it on, it didn't. Asked me to start the car and turn it on, it didn't.

Said he was going to call the expert and then called a friend over. I showed them that indeed the jammer was plugged into power and all wires were plugged in but the jammer didn't work. He then said he would have to fine me for having the jammer on the car, whereupon I asked him to show me the law stating it was illegal to own a jammer. His last words to me were "I guess you right, you can go!"

So I started my car and as I drove away I switched the jammer on:D

How it was done.

I installed a switch from a house burglar alarm system (the one with a magnet) in my power line, and where my power line runs under a plastic panel, I stuck a magnet on the outside with prestick. As soon as I saw the roadblock, I put the magnet in my pocket and presto, the jammer wont turn on.

Hope this suggestion helps all of you too!

Speed Trap Hunter 2009-06-25 11:02



Brilliant having an additional "kill-switch."

Nice story.

Obviously they must be serious about enforcement of laser jammer laws in Südafrika. I suspect it's only a matter of time that such tactics will be utilized in our very own United States.

Several states already have specifically outlawed their use (and the list is growing) and given the (unfortunate) preoccupation of some marketing efforts (mostly from foreign laser jammer manufacturers whose products can no longer be marketed legally abroad) with JTG performance, perhaps the same thing will eventually unfold here.

BTW, where you are is photo laser enforcement prevalent (from overpasses or flyovers)?



vschuel 2009-06-25 13:37


Veil Guy 2009-06-25 15:19


Curious. Any idea how many rand is the fine for possession of a laser jammer? Any demerit points with this?

Veil Guy :driver:

Streaker 2009-06-26 03:20

Thank you for the response guys. To answer some of your questions.

Most trapping is done from ground level and from the rear in my area. However once out on the long 'interstates' from the front becomes more reqular. Seldom from overpasses or highway onramps (have seen this tactic used though). From the rear is photo and from the front usually spot fines.

Currently in South Africa the demerit points isn't in place yet, only on trial. The officer said it was a R10 000 fine per jammer and said said he would fine me three times that because the jammer had three transponders. (he called each transponder a jammer)However the local laws do not forbid the owning of a jammer. They do try get you with obstruction of justice though. (hard to prove when the jammer doesn't work)

A few years back when the Lasertec pro 20 was new I fitted one to my 96 328I in plain sight, because at that stage the officers around here had never heard of jammers. I stopped one day at a trap and offered to buy the officers cold drinks if they would do a speedo calibration check with me. The officer tried both front and rear (single transponder at rear dual in front) to no avail. Once I asked him what my speed was he said he couldn't get a reading at all. While drinking the said cold drink with him he told me he was actually the instructor showing the rookies how to use the laser.

Most prevailing guns in South Africa tend to be pro laser 2 and 3. Have seen ultralytes, but not as common.

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