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Maranello-man 2011-01-13 22:27

First, Thanks to all of you guys and this forum. I learn a lot from reading the threads.

So, when I started my research on which radar detector to buy for my new car, I did what I always do whenever I have a choice to make on a purchase that is pretty important. I asked my friends, I asked the stereo shop guy, I asked the guys at the dealership and then I go on the internet.

And you know what I found on the internet?.......mostly confusion, deception and straight up hustling for my money. So then I did something really crazy.
I picked up the phone and called the radar detector companies directly to get their opinion on why I should buy their product, I wanted to know what they have to offer and I was surprised at what I found out.
All radar detectors have SOMETHING to offer, they all are made with the same purpose, to prevent you from getting speeding tickets and some have some really cool features. So, which radar detector will give me the most for my money, which company did I trust after speaking to themÖ? Was it Escort/Bel/Passport ( Same People ), K40, Cobra, Valentine, or Whistler?
And my conclusion was K40.

Every other manufacturer tried to sell me on why they were so much better than anyone else, then tried to sell me something over the phone. Not one person, except K40ís lady, asked me what kind of car I drive, where I drive, what state I live in, do I travel a lot, have I ever owned a different radar detector, what did I like or not like about it. She knew every available option on my new car, and spent about 25 minutes answering my questions. And do you know what she said at the endÖÖshe thanked me for calling and told me to call her anytime with any questions regardless of which radar detector I bought. I even told her that I own and use a V-1, she said they were great portables and a good choice!

Nicely done K40, I have called them a few times with additional questions. They are extremely knowledgeable about the industry and the products and features they have, and my vehicle specifically and whether or not it has safety features that use radar that could possibly interfere with a radar detector. I decided to go with their new RL360 because of how versatile and integrated it is, plus it is the only radar detector that offers both front and rear radar receivers in their system.

I donít care which radar and laser protection you buy, Iím just saying, don't short yourself anything. Do the research. Buy the products that you believe will work for you, from a company you like. Itís our money guys, letís make them earn it.

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