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Stealth Enthusiast 2009-07-14 20:58

9500ci Radar head mounting
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I have a 9500ci sitting in front of me and I'm trying to plan how/where everything is going to be installed. I'm big on stealth installs and I was wondering if anyone has mounted the radar head behind the rubber bumper cover. According to the Ford service manual this should not be a issue (see below, #1) mounting wise. The front bumper cover/grill assembly will be coming off anyway to mount the the 4 LIDAR heads, so it's really not much more work. Since the radar is acting on radio waves I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work, but I'm wondering if it would MUTE the signal in any way? The rubber bumper cover shouldn't mute the signal, but the paint on the bumper cover will contain several different colors of metal flake, and that is my main concern.

Speed Trap Hunter 2009-07-14 21:12

There are currently different opinions about this. Some have claimed that Ka performance can suffer when mounted by a bumper cover (ie; fascia), while the engineers at Escort has suggested differently.

I personally have my 9500ci radar receiver on the lower part of my metallic silver painted bumper cover and am pleased with the performance I get from the 9500ci. I will however move it eventually to see if, in fact, there are any noticeable performance changes when mounting in a CLS (clear line-of-sight). X and K band apparently are not adversely affected (perhaps due to the longer wavelengths of each band respectively).

My choice of mounting behind the bumper were two-fold.

1) To see radar propagating under any vehicle that may be directly ahead of me.
2) To protect the sensitive antennae from the outside elements with something substantial (like a the front fascia).

I hope this helps you.


Stealth Enthusiast 2009-07-14 22:10

Yes that helps a lot :) My guess is that the metal flake (usually aluminium or brass) is not dense enough to shield the signal. I know someone over at Dupont and I think I will ask them if they have any technical information on this. The fact that yours is very similar to how mine will be is very inspiring, and I'm glad that you had such good luck with that mounting location. This week I will buy a density meter and see what the differences are between regular metal flake and the metal flake that will actually be on the car. I will be fabricating a custom fascia for the laser heads, so if I can't mount the radar head behind the bumper cover then I could always include it to fit into that fascia. How high off the ground is your radar head mounted?


Some have claimed that Ka performance can suffer when mounted by a bumper cover
What are they basing this on?

TSi+WRX 2009-07-16 09:21


Originally Posted by Stealth Enthusiast (Post 4236)
What are they basing this on?

Direct observation - although of a rather anecdotal nature (i.e. that it was not controlled quantitative testing).

Still, in so far as "real world" data goes, it's hard to debate against.

Nevertheless, it remains to be said that these are "specific vehicle" concerns - and the results both cannot and should not be cross-applied as a blanket statement.

Currently, there is a thread running on the Escort Radar Forums regarding this very issue.

MEM-TEK has also contributed in that thread, and both he and the Escort representative are putting forward some very interesting thoughts, to include real-world observations, real-world/semi-quantitative testing of various materials, non-quantitative real-world observations, as well as coupled with quantitative laboratory testing of the Escort representative's own "behind the skin" setup.

Stealth Enthusiast 2009-07-25 17:38

How important is the radar antenna levelness? Is it as important as it is with the laser heads? If I have to mount the radar antenna at a slight downward angle, would that effect it's usage?

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