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Stealthed24789 2008-12-09 21:04

Got a speeding ticket with the 9500ix
Was driving home from work and got busted by Tacoma PD in the opposite lane. 9500ix didn't alert at all. Saw them right before I got onto a bridge. Got pulled over and 2 cops were making fun of me and telling me I needed a new radar detector, told them it was top of the line and $500. Ended up my insurance card was expired didn't get ticketed for it. (Haven't got the updated one yet). Got busted for 55 in a 40. Got ticketed about a month and a half before at the same place going 64 in a 40. Liked the 9500ix so far, but that kind of sucked. Only 19 and got 4 tickets...

Veil Guy 2008-12-09 23:10

Escort Passport 9500ix Ticket
What kind of traffic enforcement method was indicated on your citation?

If it were close-range police laser from the rear or VASCAR/ENRADD or some other non-radar then your radar detector would likely not have alerted. If he really targeted from the opposing direction, was x-band possibly used?

Veil Guy :driver:

TSi+WRX 2008-12-10 09:35

^ +1.

More details, please, Stealthed.

Remember, all of these speed-detection countermeasures - no matter what you get or how much you pay - are, in the end, only tools.

They can only function within their parameters, and the enforcers can set their traps so as to make the tasks of the countermeasure device near impossible.

There's a local enforcer, a fellow car-nut who is on my local Subaru Forum, who makes a hobby out of ticketing one particularly stupid speeder in his area.

Guess what this particular speeder uses?

A V1.

And guess how many times just this one enforcer has cited him?


Please let us know what happened, in more detail - maybe we can find some way of helping you improve your odds, by dissecting the encounter.

Stealthed24789 2008-12-10 22:20

Alrighty, I'll try to make it as detailed as possible, not sure it'll be up to par your kind of detail TSi haha. Well was headed home from work and have my trusty Passport 9500ix mounted high on my windshield to the left of my rearview mirror. I was speeding really bad on the freeway going about 90 then dropped down when I got off to like 55-60. Was on a 4 lane road which has a physical barrier separating it right down the middle almost the whole way so I speed pretty much the whole way because there's nowhere for a cop to sit and I'm always looking in my mirrors, plus I got the 9500ix and some Veil:biggrin: But anyway as I was getting toward the end of the road which curves slightly, it splits 2 ways, you can either go onto the bridge or under it. On the left side there's the opening. On the left side is where traffic traveling south come from under the bridge, and cop was driving then he slowed down and got my speed somehow. I slammed on my breaks but it was already too late. Soon as I saw him I knew I was getting pulled over. The 9500ix didn't beep once. Although it does have a K-band signal blocked in that area, but that signal doesn't show up until I'm well off the bridge. On the ticket, doesn't saw what method he used. I completely forgot to ask him, was busy trying to find my insurance card. But yeah the 9500ix is almost brand new and its updated so not really sure what was up. I also don't believe they could've used X Band, I do however have it switched off. Seattle/Tacoma PD's and WSP got pretty big budgets so they use a lot of KA/Laser. Not sure about K-Band but I keep it on anyway. I had guessed they used some sort of Instant-On but I didn't pick up anything. I'm almost unfamiliar with VASCAR or anything like that.

P.S. VeilGuy, bought some Veil and I really like it :biggrin: Make's my headlights look really cool and it wowed my girlfriend. Haven't got any laser show at my in awhile which is good, but I'm sure it'll give me some break time. Great product!

TSi... why does your wife drive the WRX?

Veil Guy 2008-12-11 01:33

X-band may be used in certain western parts of the Washington state in limited numbers.

It is possible you got hit with an instant-on blast of X-band from an MPH K55.

Is there anything written on your citation as to what was used or how?

Veil Guy :driver:

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