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Speed Trap Hunter 2008-07-12 06:59

Let Washington Know that You Don't Support Another National Speed Limit
With the long-absence of an effective strategic national energy policy and in another weak attempt to put ineffective band-aids on our nation's energy "crisis" as being manufactured by the politicians and "promoted" by the 'drive-by' media in an election year, some are supporting the notion of another nationally imposed speed limit (some of the same ones that supported tax-incentives to purchase gas-guzzling SUVs and pick-ups just several years ago!!!)

The suggestion that we need another ridiculous federally mandated national speed limit is a notion that is being supported/considered by some on both sides of the aisle. (I can already hear the same all tired line again: 55 saves lives).

I will list US Senators and Congressmen and women who support another political stunt.

Please consider sending them a message that you won't support them if they continue to push this ill-conceived agenda.Message to the politicians and main-stream media: the US is finally experiencing globally competitive petrol prices (as our friends abroad have been for a very long time, indeed). Learn to deal with it and stop whining (and start drilling or come up with innovative fuel alternatives). I still see an exorbitant amount of gas-guzzling SUVs and AWD vehicles on the road (oftentimes parked in the left-lane!)


And, make your voice heard (at the polls) and by taking our National Speed Limit Poll


Veil Guy 2008-07-12 09:02

Our Gas Prices are Still too CHEAP
Another recent political stunt (that I believed Obama had the courage to call it for what it was) was the suggestion of the elimination of the federal gas tax: a pittance of approximately $0.18USD/gallon—a measure that was being promoted by McCain and supported by HC.

My suggestion, instead of eliminating it (and jeopardizing our transportation working force in the process), increase it.

Then use the additional revenue to exclusively invest in improving transportation alternatives in this country. I'd love to be able to take a high-speed bullet-train or maglev in this country, the technology has been around at least 30 years and what have we done in this time to invest in rail?

In my opinion, "high" gas prices are a good thing and, in and of themselves, encourage corrective and more responsible behavior both individually and collectively: Keep in mind that our country represents 4% of the world population, yet we consume 25% of the world's fuel resources!

Let's let the free market system efficiently devise innovative and responsible long-term solutions to our energy needs.

In the final analysis, our gas prices are still cheap, relative to others:

CNN/Money: Global gas prices

Perhaps this is asking too much of our politicians and media to treat this national (global) challenge intelligently given that it's likely much easier and politically expedient to punish "speeders." If 55 truly saves lives, then 45 would save more, and 35 would save even more...Hell, why not do away with all vehicles and speed and we can all walk to work. Wouldn't that save the most lives? (Except for the overweight and out-of-shape people (most of us) who would suffer heart-attacks from actually being forced to do some sort of physical exercise). :hmmmm:

Here's another fuel saving idea: How about all of these wealthy politicians stop flying private jets, to and from their lobbyist-paid-for-junkets and work and back, and actually fly public transportation like the rest of us working folk?

I know, I know, that IS asking them to make too much of a sacrifice, isn't it.

You guys really want to encourage the saving of fuel?

Then, LEAD by EXAMPLE and fly commercially!

Veil Guy :driver:

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