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vschuel 2009-08-14 19:35

Is it software or hardware related?
In relation to a post I had made earlier here on STH.net:


I had indicated that I was having a "problem" when I set my ZR4 to "receive mode" through the STi Driver. Here is a link to a post I made at Escort's online forum, hoping to get some clarification:

A "problem" with my STi Driver/ZR4 setup ??? - Escort Radar Forum

Here is the response I got from the official Escort rep on that forum:

"Two possible issues going on here. It could be a faulty shifter or there may be a software bug in your STi. Run your ZR4 without the STi plugged in and see you get the laser false at startup. You will need to watch the ZR4 display to see if you are getting the laser falsing at start-up. If this is not the problem then you should send the STi in to have it's software updated.

You can either call Betronics customer service department or you can PM me your personal information (name, address, or a previous Beltronics/Escort order number) so that I can set up your repair

During start-up, without my STi plugged in, the ZR4 had no issues. If I remember correctly, the ZR4 by itself is programmed to "shift" right after startup. The only time it would be in "receive mode" is after you double-tap the mute button. I then plugged my STi back into the interface, set my STi to "Blkr REC" and "Dark", and the rear shifter light on the ZR4 display module was on solid. As long as the STi Driver is set to "Blkr BLK", everything is fine. I turned the display module off, set the brightness to "Auto" on my STi, left it on "Blkr REC", and restarted everything. The STi wet through the startup sequence, then immediately started falsing on laser. It would either show "Highway" and keep falsing, or show "R Laser" and false. Why would it only false when the STi is set to "receive mode"? What do you think? Is it a software or hardware-related issue???

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