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Blinder-Guy 2012-07-11 21:17

Blinder Compact HP-905 Laser jammer
The HP-905 Compact is a powerful and affordable laser jammer system with the worlds smallest heads that will stop to those expensive speeding tickets!

The Blinder HP-905 Compact is Big in Laser Jamming performance but small in size, making the HP-905 the most easily installed laser-jamming device on the market today.

With voice alerts you can now know exactly what gun you are being targeted with.

The HP-905 Compact Dual,Triple,and Quad System is shipping. Grab yours now.

HP-905 Compact Dual Laser Jammer
Blinder HP-905 Compact Triple Laser Jammer
HP-905 Compact Quad Laser Jammer

The perfect gift for people who:

*Drive for a Living
*Have points in their license
*Hate Speed Traps
*Canít Afford Another Ticket
*Have Expensive Insurance Costs
*Love Speed

Thanks for your interest in Blinder HP-905 Compact Laser Defense Systems. You will not be disappointed with our system. Just ask the experts, they will tell you our system is the best laser jammer on the market.

You probably know by now that your radar detector provides inadequate protection against a lidar gun. The only thing it will do for you is notify you that are the lucky recipient of a speeding ticket. With the BLINDER HP-905 Compact Laser Defense System you will have time to slow down and avoid giving your local municipality some of your hard earned money.

We are so confident in our product that we will pay for your speeding ticket if clocked while using our laser defense system. We are also the only company that provides a two-year warranty on our system.
Again, thanks for your investment, please drive responsibly and let Blinderís laser defense system do the rest.

CactusMan 2016-10-22 02:02

been a long time since blinder had an update

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