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Blinder Discussion of Blinder X-treme series of laser jammers and related accessories.

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Old 2009-03-10
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jaminc -

That's a good question....how should you configure your setup.

I would recommend that you either test the setup, in a quantitative manner (and this will require access to at least one police LIDAR device) or, alternatively, that you set up a mock setup, yourself.

The former is easy to explain and visualize. With access to police LIDAR, you'll be able to test your setup, mounted in a temporary manner, and optimize the on-vehicle configuration.

However, this is difficult, if not impossible, for the vast majority of us.

The next best thing you can do is to thus mock-up your proposed setup, and try to make educated guesses on where your weak-spots may be.

Given that the Accord of your (and steagall's) generation and MYs have a known specific weak point, I would work towards, specifically, "covering" this weak-spot.

Blinder recommends that no hardpoint - a vehicle's weak-spot - be more than 18 (eighteen) inches from the centerpoint of any of its jammer heads.

I would thus obtain the dimensions of the current Blinder head, mock it up with some cardboard or craft paper, and then, using automotive painter's tape, mock-up an installation, measuring off the critical "18-inch rule" to insure best coverage.


As for the rear, yes, one head is better than none - at least having one head back there will offer you rear center-mass (i.e. plate) protection.....

But you'll want to have two heads back there, to offer better coverage.

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