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radarlove 2008-07-09 14:45

Beltronic 955 VS Whistler Pro78/XTR-690
I am looking at getting a mid level detector and have pretty much narrowed it down to either the Beltronic 955 or the Whistler Pro78/XTR-690 models, mainly due to the affordability and relatively good performance reviews of these particular units. I am wondering if anyone can give me an educated opinion on which unit is better? (I know the two wistlers are the same platform/performance level, I will get the Pro78 if I am told the Whistler units are as good as the Beltronics). It seems I can get either the Beltronics or the Whisters for around the same price, so it really comes down to features and performance. I will be using the unit mainly for highway driving, as I always drive a safe legal speed when on city streets with foot traffic etc. If there is any unit I am overlooking in this price/performance catagory please fill me in....
I have been seeing some used Beltronics units on Ebay and I am wondering if there have been several revisions of the 955, or are they all the same? If there are different revisions are the updates signifigant? Can upgrades be performed on older units if that is the case? Seems like you guys know your stuff over here, I would greatly appreciate your input on this matter.

Veil Guy 2008-07-09 16:27


Welcome to our friendly forum.

As to your question...They're both fine radar detectors and will provide more the adequate protection, given your feedback.

I've driven with a lot of different radar detectors over the years and I have come to appreciate the differences in operation of most of them.

I think it basically comes down to personality...and which personality you like.

The Rev C. version of either the Whistler Pro 78 or Whistler XTR-690 is especially good and will be the version you receive if you were to purchase one today. Whistler will be offering their new Whistler XTR-695 which will provide features that are unique and may be worth the extra wait. Ka-band reception is especially good with each of the Whistlers. From a "feature" standpoint, these Whistlers have it all over the V955.

The Vector 955, Vector 965, and the Vector 995 are all solid radar detectors across all bands. But I would suggest that you avoid the Vector 940--for the little extra, the V955 is a terrific starting radar detector in the Beltronics Vector series.

You really can't go wrong with either of these choices...they're each very good in their own ways.

If you haven't seen our review of the Whistler XTR-695, the link follows. I've been fortunate to have been able to put a lot of miles in the realworld against real police radar and police laser speed traps and have been very pleased with the Whistlers.

Whistler XTR-695 Review

Veil Guy :driver:

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