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Curti 2010-02-25 13:11

New to the Forum More questions than answers
Hi my name is Curt and I am from Wisconsin. I recently bought an 06 C6 Vette. I have hung out on RD.net and while there is a wealth of knowlage there, it has been my observation that ideas other than the accepted norm are not well recieved. I recall from my college physics that radio waves will penetrate plastic as well as glass. Going forward with this theory I decided to mount the antenna fo my newly purchased STI r behind the front bumper.
The front bumper of the Corvette is made of a plastic material called RRIM.

Is anyone familiar with this type of plastic?

I fully understand there will be no laser detection with this install. Physics again, light does not travel through black plastic.

I watched with interest the 9500ci install in the Beemer. The antenna is behind the bumper! YES!

To me stealth is very important. I offer pix of the STI r control heads in the Vette. The ash tray open and shut.

Curti 2010-02-25 13:25

Hummmm I thought I attached the pix
2 Attachment(s)
I figured it out, they were too big.

Veil Guy 2010-02-26 11:37

Welcome, Curti.

Yes I understand your position. This is one of the primary reasons for the creation of this alternate forum...the civility in that forum has long since evaporated which is most unfortunate as we were one of the founding members of the forum way back when.

While you probably got hammered for your installation, I have found the performance of my 9500ci to be quite all right behind the bumper. If your bumper material doesn't have metal flakes (I doubt it, if it is black) then I would expect you to be just fine.

Veil Guy

Curti 2010-02-26 16:36

Thanks for the reply Bob. It is a bit amusing, there is a fellow over on RD.n that is asking about a 9500ix install in a BMW. I refered him to this site and your vid. One of the popular contributors there told him not to mount his antenna behind the bumper regardless if Belscort tech says it is OK. Oh well....

This spring when it thaws out a little, I will take my RX65 and put it on the dash and make a comparison between it and the 'buried' STI r. I'll report my findings.

I have another question. Many GM cars have what is called a HUD (heads up display) You may be familiar with it. Now wouldn't it be cool to incorperate the RD display in the HUD. It is programable.

Many of the newer cars come with a built in NAV which has a GPS. Has anyone attempted to interface the GPS that is already in the car to an RD.

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