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steagall1000 2009-06-20 13:23

Carrying New Bel RX65 & Escort 9500ix
For those who are radar detector enthusiast's, we are now carrying the Newest Escort 9500ix radar detectors and the Awesome Beltronics RX65 radar detector. Both of these radar detectors are Top notch and top of the line radar detectors from both Bel and escort. We also have Next Day shipping for both products. If you have any questions about these radar detectors visit us Stealth Countermeasures - Home. For Reviews of these awesome radar detectors, visit "Veil Guys Blog" and for testing results I recommend "Guys of Lidar"


steagall1000 2009-06-21 10:53

Carrying Whistler Pro 78
I forgot to mention we are also carrying the whislter Pro 78. I really like this detector and it seems to have excellent reviews from everyone on the forum!


Blinder-Guy 2009-06-21 17:37

That's great Scott....But I carry them ALL!!!! :bootyshake:

I'm just kidding of course...Its nice to see you expanding...I like your website...I am in the process of having a professional site designed by a company now...Shouldn't be long and I will have a nice site like yours!:adore:

steagall1000 2009-06-21 23:36

Hey Micah,

Thank you! :) I wish it could be as big as radarbusters website. Radar Roy has done well for himself. I think eventually I will expand and carry every product I can to help people from getting those darn speeding tickets. I have learned in this business its all about customer service, and reliable products, that actually keep bringing business! Names like Blinder, Escort,Bel, Whistler, Cobra, V1, Veil G4, Cheetah etc. All these products are awesome. I have met alot of new friends in this business and will continue to make new friends like yourself and give the best customer service I can. Just like you micah, I want to grow and expand. Its a fun industry to be in. Yes It can give you headaches sometimes, but in the end we are all here for the customer. :tee:

goodtimes40 2012-06-27 12:14

I love my new m4 platform version 6.5 firm bel rx-65 radar unit.
Outstanding ka band range, off axis as well. Great k band range, when in usa mode blows away my s7 bel 995 in every way as well as having very cool features such as threat display.
This was lacking in my s7 995 and so k band drones are frequently here in florida, and usually a motorcycle cop using laser or ka band 35.5 hand held I/O will be very close to the k band drone and never see or hear him with the older radar units. Until i got the rx65:) now i see the k band drone and driving by picked up the ka band as well(x shut off-not used here) and bam, nailing people left and right and with older units i would have ignored or may have missed altogether as the k band would be so strong...my older 995 wouldnt even alert to a weaker ka burst since it wasnt the stronger signal...problem solved with this unit and usa mode is outstanding. if you dont mind the few false alerts it gives every now and then in the city(quiet on hwy) then this is the best detector-FOR THE MONEY...of course the redline/sti driver are better units but also cost more.
so i chose this over the quieter GX65 unit gps. yes it has its good points but just cant ignore the I/O ka band usa mode of the rx65-s7 platform or m4 platform...had em both and this m4 unit rocks.(alot of people complain but either i got a frak rx65 unit m4 or there is no difference other than it having tsr software as well as being new. Love my bel rx65 and Blinder m27 both under 30 days old as of today. the rx65 will be 30 days on it on 30th june. m27 blinder is almost 3 weeks old and absolutly love it. had the zr3/bel lp-905 jammers and the m27 just blow the zr4 units away in every way possible. especially here in florida, truspeed used along with prolaser3, stalker lz-1 and others....the blinder simply is the best LED jammer today. They even have the new hp-905 series now which is diode instead of led...and affordable and excellent capabilities on it. i gave away the synchronizing of the radar unit with the jammer for a stand alone unit and much research just how much better the m27 blinder is than the bel/escort zr4 shifter. and upgradeable where the zr4 isnt. this said it all to me and yes i miss the display on my radar...i have a better jammer to replace the radar display which really is the most important.

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