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happya$$ 2008-05-30 21:12

guys this software is awesome. It allows speedtrap sightings to be sent to your PDA or cell phone. Go and check it out

Veil Guy 2008-05-31 10:34

Thanks, Steve for that information.

Anything and everything that can help us driving enthusiasts is always welcomed.

Veil Guy :driver:

TSi+WRX 2008-09-27 13:57

Although I have yet to get a GPS (I'm waiting a few more months, to see exactly what will happen with my current vehicle situation - whether I decide to keep her, for likely a decade to come, or, alternatively, get new - as any new vehicle I get will likely come pre-packaged with GPS) nor have a compatible phone for use with their system, I have already taken advantage of the full set of offerings from the Trapster service, as well as uploaded my area's (Cleveland, near-eastern suburbs) traps to their TrapMap.

Currently, it doesn't seem that there are that many users of the system in NE-Ohio, at least not in the Cleveland-Metro area. :(

Of the traps that I entered, none have yet been cross-confirmed.

And as for those that were entered (for my immediate area) prior to my participation on that website, there were only a few, all entered by the same motorist/driver (which, of-course, I cross-confirmed).

Hopefully, this system will catch-on in our area.

happya$$, you're out on the west-side, right?

Veronica 2011-11-24 06:07

I used this for a few weeks and I can't think of one time that it really helped me. It relies on users to input places where there are speed traps and most of the speed trap areas that were there when I was using it said something along the lines of "police often hide here" for well known speed trap areas. It was also not very reliable for locations and I would hear it going off in my apartment for a speed trap that was 5 miles away. I think the program has great potential but you really have to pull out your phone and record your exact location as soon as you see a speed trap for it to be useful for other users.

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