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Exclamation Pro Laser II still in Service!

I found out through someone who sells refurbished laser guns to police departments, that he has been selling a lot of Pro laser III's and Pro Laser II"s to police departments for trafficing. The Georgia State Troopers carry both guns, and both are in service today. I spoke with a Ga state trooper a week ago. He stopped to ask what I was doing? I told him I'm getting laser certified and I have to shoot my Pro laser II gun atleast twice a week for class. (Not true of course) He told me they have a few Pro Laser II"s they shoot for traffic citations. The officer told me that the Pro laser II has been shot as far as 3200 feet. He also said he writes tickets anywhere from 400-1700 feet with laser. Thats good to know!!!!! Thought I would share this important info with everyone.

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