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Default Can the stallcar iv detect the sti xr

Hi there everyone,just a quick question im from QLD australia and have a bel sti xr detector that works absolutely bueat.I wanna know if the if the new stallcar can detect my radar detector.

I know of about 20ppl that own bel sti xr(which is all my mates since we work in the mines and have all very fast VE HSV holdens).

I would hate to think that our investments could be detected that early.The bel sti xr is very popualr in australia due to the underdetectable technolgy it uses and also it has a great range that i have found using it.Probably the best range what i've found has been about 5klms+ that was around some corners aswell.

Anyway gtg now and hope someone with some knowledge can answer my question.Thankyou
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