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Default No problem?


Well if I had $2500.00 to spend I might have gotten a more recent laser gun. Actually The Pro laser II is a much harder gun to Jam do to its almost perfect Optics. You will also find the Pro laser II was designed by laser Atlanta which is a 238 pulse per second gun. The Pro laser III was made by Laser craft and sold by kustoms. My next test is with a stalker LZ-1. Its not always the laser gun, that makes the difference here. I may do the same test and get better results in jamming against the Stalker LZ. Every jammer performs differently on every gun. Pulse rates versus Beam devergence. This all comes into play. look at GOL's last test with the Pro Laser II versus the Stalker LZ. The M40 got lower punch-throughs with the stalker LZ versus the Pro laser II. WaltBurkett look at the AntiLaser G8 laser jammer at GOL's last test for 2007. Its a all diode jammer and had high punch-throughs with the Pro Laser II but it completely jammed the Pro laser III. Newer doesn't mean the gun is always better. If you can't JTG a Pro Laser II with a all diode jammer, then going to a Ultralyte or Pro Laser III would be pointless.
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