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Default Garmin Nuvi 360 Lost Satellite Reception

Had an interesting experience with my Garmin Nuvi 360 that I couldn't figure out until I called technical support.

Traveling by air back and forth to Florida from Pennsylvania apparently caused my Garmin Nuvi 360 to lose its ability to find satellites.

On power-up the satellite reception signal strength would remain gray and no satellites would be found.

I thought I developed a hardware fault with the Nuvi 360. The tech support rep suggested that I power-up while pressing the lower left-hand side of the screen (a hidden soft-button) to reset the unit.

By resetting the unit in this way, satellite reception was restored.

If you guys ever experienced extended lost satellite reception try this procedure as it may help. On some Nuvis you may have to press the lower right side of the display screen during power-up to reset the unit.

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