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I've been using the Nuvi 250W for some time now and it's great.
I really like the widescreen on it.

A big bonus and the reason I'm using it are the Navteq maps. They are much more up to date than the TeleAtlas seem to be.

streets that are 7 years old don't show up on TeleAtlas maps, where they do on the Navteq.

About the only "complaint" i really have and it seems to be more of a programming thing, since i have compared it to an off brand that also used Navteq maps, was the fact that the Garmin always wants to direct you to a freeway/highway even if it takes you out of the way some.

Trying "shortest" instead of fastest" doesn't quite work either, as it takes you through too many side streets.
I'd be nice if it plotted the most direct route with highways "if" they are actually in the direct path.

other than that it works real well.

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