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Default Renewed spirit of Patriotism


Indeed, you are correct...But more than, I have feeling an overwhelming sense of patriotism and civic duty in publicly raising the awareness of these systems which come to our shores from across the "pond."

As did, Paul Revere, I am hanging two lanterns, to spread the word, not only to U.S. citizens, but to the world, and to serve as a beacon to individuals around the world who wholesale reject totalitarianistic tendencies of the collective societies. Welcome to the world of Globalization (which I am generally a supporter of, by the way). I would expect states governed by progressive leaders (code word for liberal) to support these oppressive enforcement tactics and to appoint supporting judges interested in further eroding our country's long-established and cherished civil liberties.

At least the Bush Administration appointed constructionist judges to the bench, so I expect this battle will continue to unfold at the state legislative and judiciary branches until a trip wire is set and it goes Federal leading to the Supreme Court.

To that end, I have a professional colleague and friend (a former prosecuting attorney) who lend assistance, in this regard.

Related Reading: The Supreme Court and Constitutional Interpretation [PDF]

Stay tuned...


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