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Default Spectre RDD: Applied Concepts' New Spectre IV Radar Detector Detector Now on Sale

Federal law prohibits drivers of commercial motor vehicles from using radar detectors.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulation 392.71 prohibits these drivers from even possessing a radar detector, let alone using one.

And, radar detectors are still illegal in all vehicles in both Washington, D.C., Virginia, and part of of Canada.

According to Applied Concepts (Stalker Radar), the new Spectre RDD includes a new sensitivity adjustment which adapts detection sensitivity to environment it's being deployed.

The Spectre IV+ features adjustable sensitivity, allowing the radar detector detector to be adapted to environments where radar detectors are common.

Since the Spectre can detect many radar detectors at over 500 feet (some at close to 1,000 feet!), sometimes the degree of the sensitivity may be too sensitive.

In “target-rich” environments – where radar detectors are generally legal – RDD operators may not be able to easily distinguish among multiple signals.

The new Spectre IV+ now permits the operator to adjust the Spectre’s sensitivity downward, so that the detection thresholds are much closer to the patrol vehicle.

This adjusted sensitivity, combined with proper RDD orientation, now allows the officer to “scan” traffic for commercial vehicle offenders.

Applied Concepts (Stalker Radar) Spectre IV+ Specs:

Operating Frequency:
10 GHz - 25 GHz
Temperature Range:
32° - 176° F
Power Requirement:
11.5 - 14.5 VDC
Current Requirement:
300 - 500 ma
Weight: 1 lb.

-110 dBm @ 25 GHz typical
All FCC certified radar detectors (except Beltronics STi & STi-R, Escort Passport 9500ci Stealth Radar Detectors)
6.1” D x 3.5” W x 1.4” H

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