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Default Valentine 2 (V2)?


I wouldn't even pretend/presume to speak for (or even to) Valentine Research's and/or Mr. Valentine's development plans.

All I will say is they have earned a tremendous amount of respect from myself both personally and professionally with their obvious commitment to producing, arguably, the most consistently sensitive and technically engineered high performance microwave (and infrared) receiver for such a long period of time.

As an engineer (at my core), I appreciate their technical prowess (as I do Beltronics, Escort, and Whistler).

I would expect, if Valentine Research makes an justification internally for developing such a Valentine radar detector (dare I say, a Valentine 2, V2) and it makes a good business case, then they will do it.

I also respect their need for "privacy." I would not presume to set the business development agenda(s) for another company (either privately or publicly), frankly, as it's difficult enough for myself to set them for my own company, Veil.

GB, you may not be aware that an Australian company (same country that, not coincidentally, brings us the Spectre RDDs) called Australian Radar Detection Services did customize conventional Valentine 1's into being undetectable to the Spectre Mk. III (US)/Stalcar AC/3-Plus (International) radar detector detector, RDD.

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of tooling around the West (2k miles) with our company promotional stealth Viper with an officer (and friend) of ARDS with one of their customized stealth undetectable V1s. It performed brilliantly...So the technical capability to produce a Spectre RDD undetectable V1, has proven to be very possible.

As an optimist (at heart), it wouldn't surprise me in the least, IF the technical wizards of Valentine Research engineering staff, eventually produced one (or should I say two, as in V2).

Trust me, R&D takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, commitment, financial resources, and, yes, privacy.

I appreciate and respect that...

Veil Guy

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