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Question Would you be interested in purchasing a new RD with Arrows from Escort

Hi fellow RD users!

I am a current user on the Escort Radar forum and I recently created a poll there trying to find out if people would be interested if Escort created a new RD with arrows similar to the V1. I am trying to branch out to other sites to get all types of radar detector users (not just current Escort users). Right now I am trying to encourage Escort to create a detector with arrows. If you are interested in seeing a well established company such as Escort improve upon the V1 and make their own version please vote "you WOULD be interested"!

The title of the poll I created is:

Would you be interested in purchasing a new radar detector with threat location arrows from Escort similar to the V1 arrows?

Here is the link:
Threat Location Arrows (TLA) on a new detector Poll - Escort Radar Forum

Keep in mind that this detector would hopefully be better than the current V1and will have possible integration with Escort Live with all the benefits it brings such as the ability to track and report threats and lock out falses. Think a better version of the V1 that gives less falses. It hopefully would have an expert meter where it would list the frequencies of the threats. All things the current V1 does not have.

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