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Default Escort 8500 X50

I have a Escort 8500 X50 that I bought off of Ebay and I was wondering if there are any ways of knowing if its a remanufactured unit? It has gave early warnings on approaching radar so far. Another question, I ALWAYS slow down when meeting a cop car EVEN WITHOUT a radar alert but does anyone know if these cops are a threat? Here in Arkansas, its a fact that most cop cars don't even have radar guns, just those cops assigned to traffic. But some cars with no alert on a driver's detector may be equipped with moving radar but may not have it activated? I know quite a bit about how police radar works but am still learning so has anyone ever meet a cop without an alert, not took the appropriate action to slow down to legal speed, and the cop noticed your speeding by his eyesight, flipped radar on, blast of an alert on your detector and he came back to get you?
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