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Originally Posted by Veil Guy View Post
Reference: Stopping Red Light Running Program

The Stop Red Light Running Program was created by the Federal Highway Administration in 1995 as a community-based safety program.

This campaign raised awareness of the dangers of red light running and helped reduce fatalities in many of the participating communities.

The program calls attention to the dangers of red light running each year in the Annual National Stop on Red Week, - a week dedicated to educating Americans about the dangers of running red lights.

Note: Notice that the driving factors of the FWHA Safety, Stop Red Light Running Program, was not the use of automated red light cameras systems!

Veil Guy
I have read all about Stop Red Light Running Program and i know that red color is a sign of dangerous. I want to know that which other equipments we can use for danger sign and how to use it. Can you give more detail for other danger sign equipments?
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