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Default Pro-78SE Still Kicking Butt

Hey, all, it's been a LONG time since I posted here. I've been a very busy guy, modding my Speed 6 and trying to balance fam and work. But I had a REALLY nice hit on the Pro-78SE today and thought I'd post it up.

Soon as I turned onto this VERY straight north-south road, I picked up intermittent Ka 35.5, and sure enough, 3.4 miles later, three state troopers had an SUV pulled over. I'm assuming one of them had rear-facing radar going, and the intermittent nature was due to hills and the other cars behind him. Either way, I had a full strength hit at 2.6 miles away.

The RD has been tuned once since I had it, about two years ago. So it's still running very, very strong. Testament to their workmanship and quality.


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