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Default Have you ever seen this in court?

My first posting! Speeding ticket 50/35 with laser dismissed because the policeman chose not to testify.
I'm not complaining! However, I'm completely puzzled. What happened?

I was sworn in. Police asked to look at the summons, handed it back, and said something I didn't hear, might have been "I don't have my notes", then definitely said "and I don't remember the incident."

So hi! Does anyone have insight into this? Seen it before? You go to court hoping for a no-show. But a no-show while standing right there? Boy was I lucky!


On the case itself:
I'd had a case prepared. I wasn't speeding enough to be usually stopped here, (5-6 miles over - not that I'd add that part) when I was visible to police. He caught corner of my eye too. It's a common spot. I went to stop on brakes, but wasn't sure if I should bother. I decided to, but unfortunately my new pedal extenders were way too close and in the moment, hit the brake but caught the gas too and zipped forward -- right into speeding. I didn't figure it out very quickly. (The extenders are for medical reasons, & installed by my dad. We've since moved them farther apart.) When you step on the brakes solidly and hit gas, it's a much harder punch than when you normally step on the gas -- I moved forward. I have nothing on my record, and safe driver & 15-year-with-my-insurance discounts. Northern Virginia, ticketed last August.

Possible contributing factors:
- I'd continued the first date with phone request and Judge gave new date.
- I was given an incorrect date for (my) continuance request and the court's admin supervisor (not the judge) moved it to another of this officer's next dates.
- This is an instructor for the laser guns, very dedicated. I wouldn't expect him to be unprepared. He's in this dedicated traffic unit.
- I have a clean record, but oddly got stopped for practically the same offense the year before by the same officer at the same location. Which is why I know what speed I was going -- I had been careful ever since not to be speeding at any moment on this trip I took 1x a week. It was dismissed because a court error had me on a no-show date.

Much further fetched:
I talked to a police admin office a day before & gave him good reason in the conversation to believe I was being truthful, & was asking about the laser gun usage. I don't think he even had my name. I talked to attorney who knew my charging officer well. But again, he wouldn't talk to police about it, nor had my name. I'd filed a motion to dismiss inbetween dates because of the messup (a technicality) which was denied, & described the pedal problem in it, but it was denied.
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