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We donít have the space to get into the fleecing of the cities by the companies that sell and operate the cameras, but suffice to say, the politicians who claim it isnít about the money may be right in one sense: preliminary data suggests the money flows out of the pocket of the average citizen, into the coffers of the city, and right back out, to pay the camera companies. Regardless of who gets the money, one thing is for sure: every red light infraction takes $50 out of the bank accounts of citizens who no longer have that money to put back into the local economy."

"If it is truly about safety, hereís a crazy idea ó increase the time of the yellow light. In the interest of full disclosure, this isnít an original idea, but doesnít it make sense? If the concern is that people are racing the yellow, why not tack a few extra seconds onto the light, allowing the intersection to clear before the light changes?
Itís been done elsewhere in the country with a reported decrease in intersection crashes by as much as 30 percent. No cost for expensive cameras and monitoring. No cost to have every incident reviewed, something they call the ďhuman element,Ē before a ticket is issued. No cost for the appeal of tickets and the potential to clog the courts. Just added safety to the citizens. Thatís what itís all about isnít it Mayor Brown?"

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